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          UEF CONTINUES PUSHING COOPERATION IN                                 UEF AND COMMUNITY:
          INTERNATIONAL TRAINING                                               WARM TET FOR EVERYONE.

         On January 8, 2018, UEF signed an agreement on                      Continue along the heartwarming
         co-training students with Lillebaelt Academy - Denmark              activities that come out of “Xuan
         University of Applied Sciences. UEF then continuously               Tinh Nguyen” mission ( Spring of
         welcomed international partners such as the president of            voluntary work), on January 25,
                                                                             UEF Charity paid a visit and sent
         Herzing University, representative of Cardiff University, the       presents to disadvantaged families
         head of Budapest Business School and Hungarian National             in ward 7, Binh Thanh district.
         Bank, the Vice President of University of Burgundy (France)
         and leader of Myanmar Noble College.                                After that, on February  7, the
                                                                             school visited and gave lucky
         Since the beginning of 2018, the Endicott College Research          money to the kids hospitalized at
         Center of Woosong University has entrusted UEF to be the            Nhi Dong hospital, closing UEF’s
         place where its students experience the educational setting         series of actions for community in
         in Vietnam during their stay here from February 5 to 12,            early spring 2018.
         2018. This aims to open up international exchange
         opportunities for students and affirms that UEF’s learning
         environment is of world standard.

                                                                                 UEF GRANTED MEMBERSHIP OF
           UEF APPRAISES CURRICULUM WITH                                         COMMUNIST PARTY AND
           LEEDS TRINITY UNIVERSITY                                              SCHOLARSHIP TO THOSE WHO
                                                                                 OVERCOME ADVERSITIES TO
         UEF  welcomed  and  worked  with  vice  president  of  Leeds            ACHIEVE GREAT SCHOLASTIC
                                                                                 RESULTS IN 2018.
         Trinity University on appraising curriculum on January 23            On March 16 morning, UEF held
         morning. This opens up to a development direction in cross           a ceremony to grant comrade
         border education as well as confirms the fact that UEF’s             Pham Hoai Thanh Trang the
         teaching  program  is  recognized  and  valued  by  foreign          membership of the Party.
                                                                              The  school  also  gave  the  “Vuot
                                                                              kho    hoc    gioi”   scholarship
                                                                              (scholarship for those who
                                                                              achieve  good  academic  results
                                                                              despite difficulties) to 24 students
                                                                              who had worked hard to get
                                                                              stellar    academic        results.
                                                                              According to UEF’s scholarship
                                                                              fund, the school will look to give
                                                                              a second round of scholarships.
                                                                              Underprivileged students with
                                                                              outstanding school records can
                                                                              apply to be considered for the
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