Page 11 - Newsletter Apr - 2017
P. 11

Expanding training cooperation with major universities
                       all over the world

                       Rt Hon Mark Field MP and UEF’s leaders discussed the university’s
                       current and future  stages  of  the internationalization  strategy.  UEF
                       will focus on expanding educational cooperation with major
                       universities all over the world through various programs, such as
                       international semesters, dual degree programs, articulation
                       programs, faculty  exchange and  research  collaboration with
                       schools around the world, especially with UK universities. The
                       cooperation with UoG is a fruitful step of UEF.

                       Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang, President of the University affirmed:
                       “Educational internationalization is the forthcoming trend of
                       universities in Vietnam. At UEF, we are setting this as our vision and
                       a strategy for development. To impose this vision into reality, we
                       have established partnerships with many UK universities, for
                       example the two joint Bachelor programs with the University of
                       Gloucestershire. The program has been very successful and has
                       motivated  UEF  to  offer  one  more  program  in  September 2019  –
                       Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management. As for postgraduate
                       programs,  we  are  developing  a  Master’s  program  in  English
                       Language Teaching with the University of Gloucestershire.
                       Furthermore, UEF is also cooperating with Leeds Trinity University to
                       run 2 Bachelor programs in Banking & Finance and International
                       Business next year”.

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