Page 12 - Newsletter Apr - 2017
P. 12

Step out to feel the changing world

                     After the discussion with UEF’s leaders, Minister Mark Field was the
                     main speaker at a seminar for students of the University of
                     Gloucestershire’s Programs on the topic of leadership, university life,
                     global trends for young people, views on success, and foreign affairs
                     between Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

                     “Vietnam is a young country and the future of Vietnam is in the hands of
                     all of you here. I always feel loads of energy and many chances to
                     develop when I come to this country. A country with a population of 95
                     million  is  an  extremely  attractive  investing  market,  especially  the  two
                     cities of HCM and Hanoi, which are gradually turning into global
                     cities.” Sir Field shared.

                     He advised UEF  students to  broaden their perception,  and  travel  to
                     discover that this world is larger than what one can imagine.

                     “I advise students of my country to come to Asia, come to any country
                     like Vietnam, China, Korea, etc. to feel things that happen outside your
                     country. Everything is quickly changing, and each country has its own
                     fluctuations.” Mr. Field said.

                     The MP’s visit has played an important role in strengthening the
                     friendship between Vietnam and the United Kingdom. It is an honor to
                     welcome a senior UK leader, espesially when UEF was the only
                     university the Right Honorable visited on his trip.

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