Page 6 - Newsletter Apr - 2017
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            Six more universities established partnerships with UEF

           In order to diversify the international academic programs, for the first 3 months of 2019
           UEF had formed partnerships with universities from various countries.

             On Jan 29, UEF signed an MOU with University of Eastern Asia (Japan), which provided
              opportunities for UEF students to study Japanese linguistics in the country of the rising sun.
             On February 19,  UEF reached  a partnership agreement  with  ESC Clermont  Graduate
             School of Management, France to promote the scientific research activities, international
             exchanges, and especially the articulation programs between the two universities. On Feb-
             ruary 28, Professor Tsutsui Kumiko of the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) visited

             UEF to discuss overseas internships and cultural exchanges for students of Japanese
             language teaching. The program aims to facilitate Japanese students’ self-development and
             promote the nation’s image and culture to international students. UEF also had a meeting
             with the representatives of ChungKang College of Cultural Industries for an agreement on
             the summer semester program in Korea. Besides, in March, the Vice-President of Applied
             Sciences Centria University had the second meeting at UEF for a talk about an international
             cooperation program.

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