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03-06 NEWS
                   IN THIS ISSUE

                                                    07-10    PERSPECTIVE AND EVENT
                                                             Business Ideas 2019:
                                                             N TƯNG T HÀNH TRÌNH HIN THC HÓA Ý TƯNG
                                                             KHI NGHIP

                                                    11-16    CHARACTER

                                                             Business Ideas 2019 champions: THE CONTEST THAT
                                                             MADE THE “SAVE BLOOD” DREAM COME TRUE         11-14
                                                             Trnh Th Vy Phương - TOP WINNER OF “UEF
                                                             STUDENTS & BEAUTIFUL STORIES” - RECEIVED A
                                                             SCHOLARSHIP TO GERMANY                        15-16

               Business Ideas 2019 final             17-22   UEF LIFE
               round, MOU signing ceremony                   HIGHLIGHTS OF STUDENT  ACTIVITIES
               between UEF and a variety of
               logistics corporations, the
               return of Pittsburgh's Plus 3
               program, the Ring the Golden         23-28    ACADEMIC CONTESTS
               Bell of Tourism Challenges,
               etc. are the latest news on                   Heart-warming stories among the UEF students    23
               UEF Newsletter no12.
               Especially, the exclusive                     Finding the debating talents in “S-DEBATE 2019”  24
               interview with Trnh Th Vy
               Phương - First winner of the                  “RING THE GOLDEN BELL OF TOURISM”:              25
               "UEF Students & Beautiful                       learn more, go farther
               Stories" contest - will bring                 UEF team winning “THE MOST IMPRESSIVE TEAM”     26
               new perspectives on UEF                       award in the FDI Moot 2019 national round
               community services and share
               Phuong's journey to gain the                  Writing Contest 2019: “DADDY! I LOVE YOU THREE
               Semester Abroad scholarship                   THOUSAND TIMES”: meaningful and lovely          27
               in Germany to UEF
               community.                                    Be creative to the heart’s content in the       28
                                                             “E-COMMERCE WEBSITE DESIGNER CONTEST UEF 2019”

                                                    29-32    COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS
                                                             C-Tour – Community Exploring:               29
                                                             LEARNING FROM A THOUGHTFUL ACTIVITY
                                                             Interesting stories of the Service – Learning project  30
                                                             “HERO KIDS ADVENTURE”
                                                             First UEF international Service – Learning project  31-32
                                                             in collaboration with University of South Florida

                                                    33-35    CONSULTATION
                                                             Economic Law:
                Pittsburgh Plus 3 Program                    SUCCESS FROM PRACTICAL WORK

                                                    36-37    TIPS
                                                             EFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS
                                                             FOR STUDENTS
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