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          Moot Court Competition: a demonstration                                 UEF organizing
          of UEF’s practical academic programs                                    sport festival for
                                                                                  universities of
         On the morning of April 13, the Moot Court Competition took
         place at the Great Hall of UEF. This activity, of which credits          khi thi đua 24
         are a requirement for students of law, is held annually by the        In commemoration of the 44th
         UEF Faculty of Laws & International Relations. The competition        anniversary of the Reunification
         aims to improve law students’ professions such as:                    Day (April 30th) & Labor Day (May
         comprehensibility, analysis, processing of claims, evidence,          1st), as well as to strengthen the
         procedural orders, litigation, etc. through hypothetical cases.       relationship  among  khối  thi  đua
         Consequently, it helps students to get acquainted with the            24’s universities, UEF held a sports
         legislative settings, gain practical experience, and be               festival for member universities of
         well-prepared for their future careers.                               the group.

                                                                               The festival is an annual activity for
                                                                               faculty and staff members to
                                                                               exercise and friendly compete with
                                                                               other universities. Besides training
                                                                               and academic activities, exhibition
                                                                               sports are also an encouragement
                                                                               for the universities’ staff.

           The interdisciplinary research
           conference on communication, public
           relations and information technology
         In order to promote scientific research and improve work
         practices, the Faculty of Information Technology had organized
         an  interdisciplinary  academic  conference  since  April  17  in
         collaboration with the Faculty of Public Relations &

         After 3 months of launching, there were 15 articles submitted
         by the faculty and associate faculty of Public Relations &
         Communications, Information Technology, Hotel & Tourism

         6 theses were chosen to be presented at the reporting session
         of the conference. These researches have explored new ideas
         and made contributions to the scientific research programs
         at UEF.

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