Page 5 - Newsletter Jul - 2019
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Free class “Happy Learning Korean” for students
                As a part of the cooperative agreement with the Korean Language Institute, UEF
                holds free Korean language class starting from May 6th. This is an opportunity for
                UEF students to learn about not only the Korean language but also its culture. The
                class is also the first stage in the development plan of the Korean Language major
                at UEF.

                Students of the class are tutored by UEF lecturers and professors from the Korean
                Language Institute, including: MA. Choi Young Taek, MA. Ha Sung Yeop, MA.
                Nguyễn Mạnh Cường, MA. Khương Thị Thanh, MA. Hồ Thùy Duyên.

                                                                   UEF received positive reviews
                                                                   during the HCMC Youth
                                                                   Union’s inspection and
                                                                   evaluation of the academic
                                                                   year in UEF

                                                                   On the morning of May 17th, inspectors
                                                                   of HCMC Youth Union worked with UEF
                                                                   Youth Union. The inspectors encouraged
                                                                   the UEF Union’s activities for students, as
                                                                   well as its development over the
                                                                   academic year.

                                                                   After the reporting session, the inspectors
                                                                   praised     UEF’s    results   during     the
                                                                   academic year of 2018 – 2019. It is
                                                                   expected that UEF will further its
                                                                   achievements in the coming years.

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