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              UEF Party Committee and lecturers being praised in
              following the Directions no. 05-CT/TW
             The UEF Party Committee was honored as the leading collective in following the Direction
             no. 05-CT/TW at the conference entitled “Kỷ niệm 50 năm thực hiện di chúc của Chủ tịch
             Hồ Chí Minh, kỷ niệm 40 năm Cuộc chiến đấu bảo vệ biên giới phía Bắc của Tổ Quốc và
             khen thưởng các tập thể, cá nhân thực hiện tốt việc học tập và làm theo tư tưởng, đạo đức,
             phong cách Hồ Chí Minh năm 2019” on the morning of May 22nd.

             With this encouragement, the Party Committee and its members are expected to carry on
             the movement of following President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings and philosophy, contributing
             to the improvement and accomplishments of the university.

            City-level Academic Conference at UEF: various
            solutions and suggestions concerning the stable
            development of Ho Chi Minh City
           On May 30th, the City-leveled Academic
           Conference entitled “Suggestions for particular
           regulations in support of the City’s development
           and balance” was held at UEF.

           There were over 40 documents submitted to the
           conference from over 20 participants’
           organizations, with constructive ideas covering
           all aspects. The editorial board selected 37
           articles to post on the conference’s journal.

           Organizers and participants of the conference
           expected to deliver their solutions to the issues
           in the development of Ho Chi Minh City, and
           promote the city’s strengths and advantages, so
           that Ho Chi Minh City will expand faster on its
           way of becoming a metropolitan city that is not
           only ranked among the fastest growing cities of
           the world, but also acts as a factor that lifts up
           the economy of Vietnam.

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