Page 7 - Newsletter Jul - 2019
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            Plus 3 2019: the 11-year milestone of partnership between UEF
            and Pittsburgh University

         With more and more international students coming
         from around the world to UEF under the exchange
         programs, our international image is getting better
         defined at a world level. Among those, Pittsburgh
         Plus 3, a cultural exchange program for students
         from the University of Pittsburgh, is one of the most
         important      parts     of      the     university’s
         internationalization strategy.

         The program provides its attendants with
         knowledge of Vietnamese culture, history and
         people.  After  spending  2  weeks  together,  the
         students of both UEF and Pittsburgh shared many
         beautiful and memorable experiences. As the P3
         2019 journey ended, the emotions and memories
         that are left reminded the students of a time full of
         curiosity,  joy  and laughter. Such is the beautiful
         youth spirit that both UEF and Pittsburgh have had
         for 11 years together.

            UEF signing MOU with various logistics and supply
            chain enterprises

         On June 15th, UEF organized a meeting entitled
         “Business-Oriented Educational Programs in
         Logistics and Supply Chain Management”, with an
         MOU signing ceremony with logistics and supply
         chain enterprises. The meeting was about 2 topics:
         analysis and resolutions for long-term relationships
         between enterprises and UEF; and re-evaluation of
         curriculums befitting the students’ career pursuit in
         logistics and supply chain.

         The event is not only the recognition of the
         partnership between UEF and logistics businesses,
         but also the foundational stage for the revolution of
         the university’s educational programs, and for the
         purpose of training qualified human resources for
         the economy and community.


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