Page 8 - Newsletter Jul - 2019
P. 8


                                                                                         The impressive

                                                             development of startup projects

                                                         The Business Ideas 2019 contest found a highly
                                                         meritorious winner for the #1 place - a group of young
                                                         people who “dare to dream, dare to do”. As the “Save
                                                         Blood” project’s creators raised their champions cup, it
                                                         marked the closing of an intense and inspirational
                                                         competition, in which there were 154 business startup
                                                         projects submitted, coming from 32 higher education
                                                         institutes nationwide and abroad.

                                                         The contest was a great opportunity for young startups
                                                         to connect with potential investors, creating the
                                                         stepping stone for them to fulfill their business dreams
                                                         even as students.

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