Page 9 - Newsletter Jul - 2019
P. 9

Large number of submissions

           Affected by the previous 2 seasons, this year’s
           Business Ideas attracted 154 submissions, from 32
           universities    and     colleges     locally    and
           internationally, more features were  added and
           participants ranged from the north, the center to
           even students from abroad.

           As a result, there was a leap in submissions from
           public institutes, accounting for  two-thirds of  the
           overall number,  with some teams from national or
           provincial universities presented with practically creative
           topics according to the judges.

           Remarkably, Business Ideas 2019 had a detailed classification system for
           projects, in categories such as information technology, education, services,
           community service, arts, agriculture, environmental science. These are the
           aspects in line with the development trends of Vietnam’s society and

           Excellent judges

           The judges of this year’s competition were reputable CEOs with
           entrepreneurial experience, along with the heads of the Ho Chi Minh City
           Department of Science and Technology. Besides being the judges, these
           entrepreneurs are also dedicated counselors to guide, review and share
           their knowledge and experience with the participants. Especially at the final
           round, there were representatives of more than 30 businesses in trade,
           information technology, services, etc. who are considered potential
           investors for promising projects.

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