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Kick-off “You Branding 2021”: Meet special guests at the premiere of building UEFer brand contest


On the morning of January 13th, Kick-off “You Branding” program officially launched the manifest academic playground of UEF in 2021 with the participation of the most “hottest” guests who are successful experts and entrepreneurs in building personal brands. 

Besides, the premiere of contest was attended by guest speakers MC - Writer - Journalist Tung Leo, Mr. Pham Dinh Nguyen - CEO of Vietnam PhinDeli company, Second Runner-Up of Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong - CEO of Nam Huong Communication and Investment Corporation, Second Runner-Up of Miss Vietnamese Beauty Entrepreneur Nguyen Thai Ngan - CEO of Tatu Group and representatives of sponsor agencies. On the behalf of UEF, there were Board of Director, Board of Trustee, Heads of faculties, departments and a huge number of UEF students. 

Kick-off “You Branding” attracted a huge number of students to participate

Special guests supported students in the program 

Speaking at the beginning of program, Mr. Do Quoc Anh - Vice President of  UEF Board of Trustee stressed that the meaning of this contest is to create an academic playground for students demonstrating skills well and make good preparation for future paths. Attending this contest, students will be trained to discover personal competence by "learn through play" activity. Accordingly, individuals will have chances to build and shine their personal brand. 

Mr. Do Quoc Anh - Vice President of  UEF Board of Trustee gave a speech at the opening ceremony

To help students get better understanding about the contest, Dr. Nhan Cam Tri - Vice President of UEF university and Head of organization gave a detailed introduction and rules of the contest. You Branding contest includes 3 main rounds: 

  • Audition round “Do a Start” will take place from March 1st to March 13th 2021. The round includes 2 main parts: multiple-choice test (60%) and personal CV (40%).
  • Semi-final round “Make It True” will take place from March 14th to March 30th 2021. The round includes 3 main parts: Life plan (30%), You in Social (40%) and Trust Me (40%).
  • Final round “Yes, I am” will take place from April 1st to April 20th 2021. The round includes 4 main parts: I’m in (25%), It’s Me (25%), In Their Eyes (25%) and I Do (25%). 

Dr. Nhan Cam Tri informed the detailed rules of the contest


The spotlight of the event is the sharing activities which UEF students can gain more knowledge and practical experiences from the talks of guests. In addition, the question on the importance of building personal brand or brand image was also answered detailedly by speakers. Accordingly, all speakers have common agreement on the importance of building personal brand. Since building personal brand, it will be more advantageous to create a brand image. Thorough, two matters also have a parallel connection in the career path of individuals. 

Second Runner-Up of Mrs. World Nguyen Thu Huong encouraged students on having awareness of building personal brand

CEO Pham Dinh Nguyen shared “Until a certain moment, certain situation, individuals should start building and marketing brand image.”

Besides, guest speakers advised students to have awareness and spirit to build personal brand right now. The reason is that students will gain more advantages in their career path if they have a good personal brand. 

CEO Tung Leo advised UEFers “When you contribute to teamwork well, your personal brand will be shined brighter.”

Second Runner-Up of Miss Vietnamese Beauty Entrepreneur Nguyen Thai Ngan shared her story in building personal brand and inspired to students

Students interacted and questioned to speaker for gaining more understanding about creating personal brand

In these recent years, building personal brand has become one of the most concerning issues. Attending You Branding contest, students will be provided an useful academic playground in which they can facilitate chances to build and develop personal brand. UEFers were expected to challenge their limits confidently to conquer the next rounds of this contest. 

You can register for the contest here!

Some photos taken at the Kick-off program in this morning: 


News: Quyen Cuong
Photos: Nguyen Vo
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