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HBR guide to better business writing


What You’ll Learn
Do you freeze up when writing memos to senior executives? Do your reports meander and raise more questions than they answer for key stakeholders? Do your e-mails to colleagues disappear into a void, never to be answered or acted on? Do your proposals fail to win clients?

You’ll lose a lot of time, money, and influence if you struggle with business writing. And it’s a common problem. Many of us fumble for the right words and tone in our documents, even if we’re articulate when we speak. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Writing clearly and persuasively requires neither magic nor luck. It’s a skill— and this guide will give you the confidence and the tools you need to cultivate it.

You’ll get better at:

Pushing past writer’s block.

Motivating readers to act.

Organizing your ideas.

Expressing your main points clearly.

Cutting to the chase.

Holding readers’ attention.

Writing concise, useful summaries.

Trimming the fat from your documents.

Striking the right tone.

Avoiding grammar gaffes.

“HBR Guide to Better Business Writing is available at UEF Library.

Title HBR Guide to Better Business Writing
Author Bryan A. Garner
Publishing Havard Business Review Press
Pub. Year 2012
Page 210 pages
Call Number 808.06 (English shelves)