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Explore the US Bachelor of Business Administration program at UEF

Business administration is one of the most common majors on students’ lists of college aspirations every year. It matches up with the dynamism and youthfulness of Gen Z and is always "hunted" by numerous enterprises.
Therefore, to help students be distinctive and meet the competitive demand for high-quality human resources, especially in the current international labor market, UEF has expanded international cooperation with Keuka college to implement an on-site studying abroad program in Business Administration. Let’s go through the following information to have a clearer view of the US Bachelor of Business Administration program at UEF.

 Program overview
UEF and Keuka College’s cooperation is to design an articulated program that applies high-quality training models conforming to national and international business standards.

Students will receive a US bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Keuka College with global value and accreditation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training. This articulated program at UEF will bring students exciting experiences with a modern, fully-equipped learning environment, and a US curriculum framework with a clear training route. With this on-site studying abroadprogram, students will learn 100% in English. The teaching content is a combination of theory and practice, in which students learn directly from successful entrepreneurs through academic activities or experience business contacts through field trips focusing on research and exchange of innovative initiatives with in-depth knowledge.
The objective of the US bachelor's program in Business Administration is to equip students with key concepts and specialized knowledge of Business Administration such as Human Resources Management, Corporate Financial Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Strategic Management,  International Finance, Operations Management,  Marketing, Project management, etc.
In addition, necessary soft skills will be a series of topics deployed throughout the training process, helping students to respond well in both national and international working environments such as leadership skills, effective communication skills, business case-solving skills, collaboration skills, teamwork, critical thinking, independent working skills and so on.

 Job opportunities
With the US bachelor's degree program at UEF, students will seize many great job opportunities to work for numerous enterprises both in the domestic and foreign markets where they can confidently express themselves in an international working environment.
Possible Positions:
- Financial Analyst
- Market Research Analyst
- Economist
- Training and Recruiting Specialist
- Event Planner
- Marketing Manager
- Business Development Manager
- Human Resource Manager
- Customer Relationship Manager
- Office Manager, etc.
 Application requirements & Scholarship policy
 In 2021, UEF will conduct university admission to 60 students for the US Bachelor of Business Administration program. High school graduates will be admitted to UEF.
 UEF will offer valuable entrance scholarships to students who have been admitted to enrollment methods according to their results of the high school graduation exam and their academic transcripts. Besides, students with a 5.0+ in IELTS  before admission will be exempted from corresponding modules and tuition fees in the first two semesters
High school entrance exam’s result 12-grade transcript with 3 subjects High school transcripts with an average score of 5 semesters Competency test scores
(maximum score:1,200)
Requirements to maintain a scholarship each year
25% 21 - <24 23 - <27 38 - <45 840 - <960
  • GPA: 3.2 - <3.4 each year
Point training: ≥ 65
50% 24 - <30 27 - <30 45 - <50 960 - <1,200
  • GPA: ≥ 3.4 each year
  • Point training: ≥ 65
Note: The scholarship applies to the first two years of the course
 Application Documents
Students applying for the program need to get the following documents prepared and submitted at UEF International Institute:
  • Application form (click HERE).
  • 01 notarized copy of high school transcript.
  • Application fee: 2,000,000 VND/ application.
 If you have any questions, please contact:
- UEF International Institute, 4th Floor
- Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance - UEF - 141-145 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, HCM City
- Tel: (028) 5422 1374
- Hotline: 091 606 1080
- Email:
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