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Hospitality Management flourishes again


The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have changed general career trends, including the tourism and hospitality industries.

Hospitality major with ideal opportunities in the future
The changing background makes students confused about choosing a career. However, the path with passion and new experiences in a university environment always has fun for those who know how to adapt and start a new journey.

Positive signs of the service industries

According to experts, although the COVID-19 epidemic caused a lot of damage and profound impacts on the economy, the development prospects of the Hospitality major in our country will remain positive in the long term.

Due to the continuous improvement in infrastructure, preferential visa policy, and the orientation to promote service development to become a leading one, the Hospitality major still operates constantly.

Thanks to the joint efforts to prevent the epidemic, Vietnam is known to the world as one of the most successful countries with effective approaches to adapt to the pandemic. This has established our country’s image as a safe destination on the world tourist map, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists after the epidemic has been controlled.

This is a golden time for the Tourism - Hospitality major to recover and stabilize, and with it, there are attractive career opportunities for young people who choose the Hospitality management major.

Moreover, today's customers are not afraid to spend on travel needs. Tourism - Hospitality services are therefore increasingly being promoted in terms of quality with high requirements. As a result, the demand for human resources in this sector always needs to be met.

In the digital age, online booking services, tours, and hotel management software are thriving. This increased the chance of contact between customers and hotels, business opportunities are also expanding.

What students must study to be confident in the Hospitality major

Hospitality Management is a discipline with professional knowledge, foreign languages, especially practical skills, and a working attitude. When students master this set, Hospitality is no longer a difficult problem.

Along with the development of the service sector, students must continuously apply knowledge into practice in a fully equipped environment. This is also the reason why universities constantly invest in learning space and facilities. 

Facility of UEF students in Hospitality Management

Practice confidently in major school events

Typically, at UEF, students can practice operations such as receptionist, booth, bar, culinary, ... at the practice room system, accurately simulating the structure and functions of a 5-star hotel on campus.

Not only confined to the school space, but Hospitality Management students also have special lecturers and classrooms, especially 5 - 6 star hotels in our country and abroad. 

Section market for future jobs through field trips

Through each practical field trip, students have added more specialized knowledge and skills. In particular, the training experts at the hotel also share work experience, handle real situations and interesting stories in the profession, motivating students to pursue their passion.

Explore 5-star hotels abroad

To excel in an open economy, a foreign language is also an important requirement. In terms of foreign language problems, UEF pioneered a modern bilingual training program with 7 English levels from basic to Hospitality majors suitable for every student.

UEF Foreign language progress is steadily increasing with a series of international exchanges

With a strong foreign language background, students also have more opportunities to choose to study a transfer, diploma, or associate program to receive an international degree. This is a global career-building strategy for students to adapt to the constantly changing social needs, including the Hospitality and Tourism major.

UEF has determined the entrance for the Hospitality Management in 2021 following 4 approaches: Admission according to the results of the high school graduation exam, Admission for 12th-grade transcripts in a combination of 3 subjects, admission of transcripts according to the total average score of 5 studies period, admission according to the results of the capacity assessment exam of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. 

According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper
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