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International semester in Japan: UEF students confidently showed their English skills

On June 6, UEF students continued to explore and exchanged cultures with our friends from KIU by participating in practical classes about Japanese and English with international students who are studying here.
Our students spent an entire day to gain knowledge, communication skills with foreign lecturers. With such enthusiasm and vitality, UEFers quickly integrated into the learning environment at KIU and mad new friends. In Japanese class, UEF students learned basic greetings through interactive lesson from native lecturer. Besides, the students were introduced to origami and instructed to make origami objects that are the symbols of Japan.

Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 1

Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 2
UEFers easily approach Japanese thanks to lively lesson from native lecturer

Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 5
Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 8

Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 9
Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 6
UEFers explore the art of origami and create their own products

In the evening of the same day, UEFers continued to impress in English class taught by Canadian lecturer. They not only met with students from KIU but also got to exchange language and culture with students from Nepal, China, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnamese students currently studying here.
Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 4
Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 4
Meet with many friendly international students studying at KIU
Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 11
UEFers had the opportunity to showcase their linguistic competence

During the lesson, UEF students got to prove their impressive communication and problem solving skills in English. The lecturers at KIU appreciate the effort UEFers made and their creativity throughout this international semester.
Học tiếng Nhật - Kobe 12

UEFers utilize the spirit of learning and exchanging to best effect.
Today, June 13, UEF students continue to partake in Japanese class with the students from KIU. The highlight of the day for our friends is the chance to put on Japanese traditional costume – the Yukata, and learn more about the cultural beauty it carries.
Can’t wait to show you guys the extraordinary moments of our UEF members dressing up in the world famous Yukata.

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