Expanding cooperation network from the meeting with the Indian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City
In the near future, UEF continues to expand its cooperative relationship. Bilateral cooperation with Indian universities, diversifying learning environment for students, especially those wishing to transfer abroad. Welcoming and working with the Indian Consulate General is a bridge to reach many opportunities for international program development in the future.
On-Site Study Abroad with 40% Scholarship Policy
Due to the fluctuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students have failed to reach their big dream to study abroad. However, many of them have quickly transited on On-site oversea study
UEFers Become “Agency” Serving The Community Via Enjoyable Experiences of IMC Course
UEF students of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) course just attended the summary report session. Also, this session were participated by Lecturer Le Hong Dac who is incharge of the course and representatives of social enterprises such as The Childhood Home (Nhà của thời thơ ấu), Vietnamese Bamboo.
UEF Offers Diversified Choices Based On Internationally Prestigious Programs.
The government expresses great concerns in the policy in which not only overseas students are welcomed to return and learn in their country but also soon-to-be international students stand a better chance of learning while suffering disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. With 352 international affiliate programs in Vietnam, both students and their parents are offered more diversified academic learning choices.
Orientation Week - The Very First “Course” Would Not Be Taken For Granted Exclusively For UEF’s Freshmen
From September 4th, Ho Chi Minh University of Economics and Finance (UEF) will launch Orientation Week (academic school year of 2020-2021) exclusively for those who are UEF’s 2020 freshmen. It is obligatory to attend this activity due to its paramount importance towards students before official schooling.
Unlimited Scholarship At UEF: Solve The Financial Problem In The Co-vid Pandemic.
Under the fluctuation of Co-vid crisis, the cost of education fees will undoubtedly be of great concern for those who urge for a bilingual or international academic learning environment.
On-site Study-Abroad Solution And Articulation Programs In COVID Period
On-site studying abroad provides modern learning conditions and international qualifications for students without “going abroad” with high prices, cultural shock, climate, epidemic,...Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) has implemented international training programs (on-site studying abroad) cooperated with prestigious worldwide universities in order to adapt the inclusive educational internationalization.
Gaining Insights Into The Art of Leadership Via The Training Session Hosted by The IEF Club
In order to provide students insights into the paramount importance of leadership skills employed in managing and deciding tasks for proper staff and time, on July 26th, the Internaltional Exchange club organized the Training workshop on “The art of Leadership”
UEF: Exquisite Actions In Covid Period
These days, it is widely seen that UEF lecturers and students seriously wear masks, maintain screened, clean hands,... to prevent Covid-19 pandemic. This raises positive values to community.
UEFers Continously Advance And Achieve Success In The COVID Context
Covid-19 pandemic has imposed considerable influences on student life; nevertheless, UEF students have actively spreaded the university’s message with undefeatable “UEF spirit”. Various competitions and activities were implemented during the University was temporarily closed; or proud achievements were presented on the back-to-school day after a period of social distancing. In every playground to show the professional knowledge and creative thinking as well as the understanding of culture, arts or sports tallent, UEF students expressed their remarkable competence and strenuous efforts. With UEFers’ passion, determination and cohesion, nothing is impossible!