Olympic UEF 2020 is here. UEFers, are you ready?
As Christmas festive mood is in the air, Olympic UEF 2020, the biggest sport event for the University of Economics and Finances (UEF) students will officially take place on Dec 22.
UEFers has an early Christmas Gift from The IHS World Orchestra
Besides the colourful decorations all around UEF home, the IHS World Orchestra, yesterday noon was another ‘breath of Christmas air’ to all our members. The surprising early gift received a warm response from our family.
Have your Christmas photos right at ‘Home’
The cool atmosphere recently have created an eagerness for UEFers to celebrate a Merry Christmas. And UEFers need not to go anywhere else: The Christmas trees, snowflakes and the reindeers have appeared all around our campuses.
Traveling to Japan – UEF student delegates take an international semester with a delightful surprise
For the last few days, UEF students have been heedful of majestic photos of student delegates experiencing the program "UEF Short Term Study Abroad 2019". Visiting Japan during its most beautiful time of the year, they can not only go sightseeing, take stunning photos but also acquire new knowledge from Kobe International University (KIU).
Last December 2 marked a new milestone for UEF with the meeting between our university officials and Centria University of Applied Sciences (Centria) representatives.
Nippon, Here We Come! UEFers' Super Cool Semester Abroad Begins!
On Nov 24, UEF student delegates arrived at Kobe, officially starting the “UEF Short Term Study Abroad 2019” program. In the fresh atmosphere of late fall in Japan, they were filled with inexpressible delight and enthusiasm for great activities during this “short-term” semester abroad.
At Kobe International University, UEF student delegates fell in love with the lovely fall
Being new at Kobe International University didn’t stop the UEF student delegates from having great experiences and taking glamorous photos of fall in Japan. A great welcome ceremony held by KIU later helped the students whet their appetite for learning and discovering new things.
50% MBA merit scholarships available - January 2020
20 MBA merit scholarships (worth 50% off their tuition fees) for high-achieving students (1st class honor or a high 2:1) starting in January 2020 – a saving worth £7,175.
UEF and Leeds Trinity University launching the official UEF-LTU Bachelor’s Programs
On the morning of September 24, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) solemnly organized the launch of the joint bachelor's program with Leeds Trinity University - UK. (LTU) at the Auditorium.
Academic exchange with University of Washington: new cooperative opportunity opening up
On August 31st, UEF greeted lecturers and students from University of Washington, US, which marks the advancement of UEF’s strategy and opens up more opportunities for partnerships in many aspects