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100% of UEFers have the opportunity to experience the international semester


Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) is an international-oriented university in many activities, including bilingual and international programs. Over the years, the university has actively promoted and updated its academic programs, reinforcing international connections for students. With the aim of cultivating global citizens, UEF is strengthening its effort to implement international semesters for current and prospective UEFers.

Experiencing global study

In recent years, young people have had more opportunities to study abroad, participate in articulation programs, engage in international collaborative programs, undertake field trips, etc. These educational endeavors aim to obtain international degrees, knowledge, and skills, while also fostering understanding of cultures and people in foreign countries.

The values of these study programs vary and are almost exclusively for students with an international orientation in highly integrated majors such as foreign languages and economics. In the context of integration in many fields, UEF emphasizes its strength that focuses on English provision for students, enhancing and updating specialized knowledge through advanced programs, and exposing UEFers of all majors to the international environment outside the university through international semesters.

UEFers have opportunities to study and experience abroad every semester


UEF’s international semesters are implemented with over 10 partner universities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and China. Those who participated in the program will have credits transferred and accredited in all subjects at partner universities. Students can choose suitable subjects to study at these universities depending on their majors.

With the implementation of the international semester program in the academic year 2023-2024, students will engage in four weeks of study. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to visit and experience interesting aspects of culture and life in new lands.

Over the years, UEF has maintained its position and prestige in a variety of international study programs, allowing students to learn and gain experience at partner universities in countries such as the United States (Arizona State University), Spain (Catholic University of Murcia), Thailand (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce), Korea (Woosong University), Japan (Kobe International University, Shizuoka Sangyo University), Malaysia (SEGI University & College), and more. In this academic year, UEF offers two international semester programs for students to join at the University of Malaysia Sarawak (Malaysia), HELP University (Malaysia), and Tongmyong University Tongmyong (Korea).

UEF signed cooperation agreements with many universities and institutes from other countries


Benefits of participating in the international semester

Students will have opportunities to practice English and other languages, such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, when they study abroad. As a result, their linguistic levels and skills will be upgraded during their time overseas. Students can improve not only their vocabulary and grammar but also their communication and presentation skills.

The UEF international semester is also a highlight of the academic program with numerous benefits


The next benefit comes from the courses offered in the international semester program. The semester is designed to cover a diverse range of fields from language, business, management, and technology, to communication, providing trending courses reflecting the global trends such as Introduction AI, Build Your Soft Skills, Leadership Skills for First - Level Manager and Executives, PR Planning, Online Advertising, Smart Business.

The grades obtained during students' studies at international universities will be recognized by the university as equivalent when students complete the program. All credits completed by students throughout the semester are accredited and hold educational value in terms of both academic knowledge and training expertise. With this recognition, the skills students acquire will be highlights on their resumes, enhancing their credibility domestically and internationally upon graduation.

UEFers can enhance their international experience and integration capability


In addition, students participating in the international semester also get to experience real life in different countries while honing their independence. Alongside their academic studies, students can spend time exploring the culture and tourism of brand-new regions.

During this journey, students also have the opportunity to meet and interact with friends including locals or exchange students from all over the world. This expands connections and strengthens friendships and solidarity among students from different countries worldwide.

UEF students can meet the criteria of global citizenship through the international semester

For many years, students have regarded the international learning opportunities provided as valuable journeys. These experiences not only allow students to witness the development of various countries but also enable them to acquire many useful lessons, contributing to shaping students into global citizens amidst the current context of significant global changes.

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