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2023-2024 academic year pre-semester orientation for international students


AUGUST 31 - UEF welcomed and organized a pre-semester orientation session for nine more international students. In the first semester of the 2023–2024 academic year, the students enrolled in the international exchange program at UEF come from various countries, including Germany, England, France, Denmark, and Poland.

Attending the session were Ms. Tran Phuong Quynh - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute; Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute; and students from the IEF club.

The orientation session helped international students better adapt to the new environment 

Nine international exchange students in the program include Marina Anicic and Loic Varin (UPEC - IAE Paris-Est, France), Samuel Hold and Etienne Kolb (Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, Germany), Caroline Sejer (University College London, UK), Maelis Credot, Lucie Quagliaroli, Arthur Barthelemy, and Sara Zabiega (CY Cergy Paris University, France).

UEF International Institute representatives extended a warm welcome to the new students 

At the beginning of the session, on behalf of the UEF International Institute, Ms. Tran Phuong Quynh and Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh sent warm greetings and messages to our international students, hoping they would quickly adapt to the new environment and have a successful academic journey at UEF. 

International students socialized with UEFers and received preliminary information about the semester

International students were also informed specifically about the semester, study schedule, student account, media platforms, contact information, support services, etc.

In addition, UEFers in attendance also socialized and shared more information to help international students know their way around.

International students toured the learning facility and got familiar with UEF 

With the guidance and exchanges during the orientation session, we hope that international students feel more comfortable and confident when entering a new environment. May they have a meaningful semester and exciting experiences at UEF.


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