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At Kobe International University, UEF student delegates fell in love with the lovely fall

Being new at Kobe International University didn’t stop the UEF student delegates from having great experiences and taking glamorous photos of fall in Japan. A great welcome ceremony held by KIU later helped the students whet their appetite for learning and discovering new things.

The delegation of UEF students met in person with the President of KIU on their first day at the university.
The UEF students were greeted with the KIU homecoming ceremony which was held in Catholic rituals and regarded as a unique highlight of the university. Thanks for the ceremony, they knew more about KIU culture as well as training objectives.

UEF students gained new experiences from the Catholic welcome ceremony

The joyful homecoming party set the course in a jovial mood
After the welcome ceremony, the UEF students took part in classes instructed by Pr. Yuki Shinomura, the President of KIU. They also met and made friends with international students from many countries and territories, such as Nepal, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Classrooms with such diversity were a perfect environment for UEF students to demonstrate their English proficiency and communication ability.

A session personally instructed by Pro. Yuki Shinomura, President of KIU.
When their first day at KIU came to an end, the UEF students acquired a great deal of valuable knowledge and expertise.
As part of the trip, the delegate took a tour of the land of the Rising Sun on Nov 26, stopping at famous destinations around the country. Among them was the old capital of Kyoto, the treasure trove of both Japanese high culture and everyday life of old.

Journeying through well-known locations at Kyoto
At the old capital, the students visited Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto’s most famous temple, and Yakasa Shrine, renowned for its 1100-year-old traditional Gion Festival. Thrilled by the chance, they learned about the cultural significance of the festival as well as saw the ancient town of Gion for themselves.

Learning about Japanese culture and lifestyle at the old village of Gion
Asides from its cultural significance and uniqueness, Koyoto is also blessed with beautiful landscape. The UEF students took advantage of that to create heart-melting check-in pictures of fall in Japan.
The activities that kickstart the 2019 UEF Short Term Study Abroad are truly cool and interesting. Stay tuned for more reports on the trip from UEF!

News: Quyen Cuong, images: Tu Anh
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