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BCIS student received certificates of completion for their career-oriented internship at UEF


APRIL 26, after a week of studying and engaging in practical activities at UEF, the delegation of students from the Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS) completed their internship reports and received certificates of completion from the university.

BCIS students completed their one-week internship program at UEF

At the internship report session, students shared their experiences regarding subjects related to business, finance, accounting, marketing, and the workshops they attended at UEF. Dr. Vo Hong Son - Head of Business Administration Department, UEF International Institute, and Dr. Tran Ngoc Thanh - Lecturer, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, provided comments and evaluations on their reports.

BCIS students delivered their internship report presentation 

The instructors provided feedback and additional insights to help students improve their presentations

In addition to the specialized knowledge gained, the BCIS students also shared their feelings after studying at UEF. They expressed their impression of the dynamic environment and facilities of the university, and the appreciation for receiving substantial support from lecturers, staff, and senior students at UEF. These positive experiences serve as the driving force behind BCIS students' hope that future cohorts will also have the opportunity to intern at UEF.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh delivered a speech at the closing ceremony

BCIS students shared their thoughts after their internship at UEF

At the conclusion and certificate award ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute, expressed his hope that the knowledge and learning experiences gained at UEF would help BCIS students in finding a more suitable direction for their future career paths.

BCIS students were awarded certificates of completion for the internship program


After completing the internship program, the BCIS student delegation was awarded certificates by the university. The experience of participating in the internship and directly experiencing the university student life has helped the students identify their strengths and clarify their desires and study conditions. It is hoped that UEF will have the opportunity to welcome BCIS student delegations for their internships in the future and equip them with valuable knowledge and skills.



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