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Chungbuk National University (South Korea) welcoming UEFers to their exchange program


In recent years, South Korea has appeared to be an ideal destination. Besides its breathtaking landscapes and cultural diversity, South Korea is also famous for its advanced education systems.

The student exchange program between UEF and Chungbuk National University in the upcoming spring and fall semesters of 2022 is a golden opportunity for those interested in studying in South Korea. Enrolment is accepted until November 2020.

Admission for the program at Chungbuk National University (South Korea) is open until November 20.

Students satisfying 3 following requirements are qualified for the exchange program:

- Have to complete more than 1 semester at UEF

- Be proficient in both English/Korean writing and speaking (possess a TOPIK Certificate or an English-language certificate is an advantage) 

- Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 / 4.0 scale

Round 1: The Korean Language Department at UEF will conduct an evaluation in accordance with the requirements. For those who do not satisfy one of the aforementioned requirements but still wish to participate in the program, you can contact the Faculty of International Languages and Cultures fanpage for guidance from the staff.

Register here:

Deadline: November 20, 2021

Round 2: Approved students on the 1st round will fill out the application form here

Send the complete application form to 

Deadline: November 23, 2021

In round 2, your application will be appraised by Chungbuk National University. Approved students will proceed to complete the necessary steps to finish the application. 

Chungbuk National University, established in 1951, is one of South Korea's first 10 public higher-education institutions. The system currently comprises 15 specialized universities, 9 postgraduate institutes, 39 research institutes, 48 affiliated agencies. Located in the prime location in the Land of Kimchi, this university benefits the unrivaled access from other areas.


Source: Study abroad in South Korea

Chungbuk National University is now rated second in Korea in terms of the Internet system and is given the title of excellence for its training quality. Students will have the chance to approach a dynamic, state-of-the-art, and professional ambiance that includes research institutes, laboratories, museums, libraries, and computer centers, etc. Furthermore, Chungbuk National University cooperates with many international programs and large corporations with the aspiration of solving post-graduation employment issues for students.




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