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[Co-teaching class] Project Design Innovation to officially launch


SEPTEMBER 11 - the first lesson of the Project Design Innovation course officially began. The co-teaching class is jointly conducted by UEF Center of Project Design Education and Kanazawa Institute of Technology (K.I.T), Japan, with the topic "Creative Renovation - Project Design Innovation".

This is an annual activity that aims to provide students with more opportunities to experience international learning methods, update knowledge about in-depth practical innovation as well as experience project-based learning with expert lecturers from UEF and K.I.T.

The course lasts from September 11 to 15 with the participation of UEF and K.I.T students. In Particular, lecturers and students from VJIT (Vietnam - Japan Institute of Technology) of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology - HUTECH also attend.

Fostering an international learning environment for UEFers through the Project Design Innovation co-teaching class  

The entire course is conducted in English. Therefore, certain criteria are required of participants. Applicants who are undergraduates with an interest and passion for innovation, along with sufficient language (English) skills, will be short-listed by UEF Center of Project Design Education, K.I.T, and VJIT.

The first lesson was held online with the participation, coordination, and teaching of Prof. Dr. Suzuki Ryoichi - K.I.T faculty member; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hung - Director, UEF Center of Project Design Education; and Ms. Ha Le Thu Hoai - Deputy Director, UEF Center of Project Design Education.

Co-teaching class by UEF and international lecturers

Participating in the class, students could access and grasp fundamental concepts related to creative teams and creative leaders. In addition, group work principles was also one of the important contents of this lesson. This equipped students with the basis before teaming up to carry out a specific project throughout the course. The lesson also provided a few practical projects related to sustainable development goals. Altogether, students will develop a general perspective and a deeper understanding of the meaning and significance of innovation.

Accessing fundamental concepts in the first lesson

The warm-up lesson concluded with the foundational knowledge for students. In the following lessons, they will delve deeper into theory and start working on the first project with their partners, creating value for the community and society right after completing the course. May the students gain many new experiences and accumulate numerous valuable lessons through this meaningful class.


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