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[Co-teaching class] UEFers and Mila University Explore the Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates


With the desire to enhance international cohesion among UEF students and partner universities, co-teaching classes are always maintained to facilitate academic exchange and the acquisition of valuable knowledge. MAY 3, the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at UEF, in collaboration with Mila University (Malaysia), organized a co-teaching class on the topic of "The Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates," providing fresh insights into the fields of monetary economics, banking, and financial markets.

The teaching was led by Mr. Tran Ngoc Thanh - lecturer of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting. The class was attended by over 100 students from UEF and Mila University.

The co-teaching class was attended by a large number of UEF and Mila University students


With this topic, the lecturer helped students understand the definitions of bonds and interest rates, identify the risk and term structure, determine and explain the three factors of risk structure, and explain the financial theory regarding the term structure of interest rates.

Accordingly, a bond is a debt security that commits to making fixed periodic payments over a certain period of time. Meanwhile, an interest rate is the cost of borrowing or the price paid for the rental of funds.

A lot of useful information about bonds and the structure of interest rates was shared with students 

Students also explored the information found on a coupon bond, including the face value, issuing authority, maturity date, the coupon rate (%). In addition, the lecturer thoroughly explained elements regarding the risk and term structure of interest rates to the students.

The co-teaching activity not only provided a wealth of useful information about students’ major but also gave them the opportunity to engage with and connect with international peers. It is hoped that co-teaching classes will continue and increase in frequency, allowing students to learn from each other, expand their knowledge, and broaden their global vision.



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