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[COMMUNITY] UEF actively contribute to fundraising for vaccines and join hands to repel COVID-19

With the message "Triệu trái tim – Một tấm lòng - Vaccine vượt qua COVID-19 (Million individuals - One heart – Vaccines to overcome COVID-19)", UEF also have a desire to bring vaccines to every single house, every single individual, and together with the whole country overcome the difficulties amid the pandemic.
The programme was welcomed by the UEF lecturers and students with their great contribution.
In the opening, Dr. Nhan Cam Tri – The Vice President of the university showed his empathy due to the post-Covid19 challenges, then expressed his appreciation to the compassionation of UEF: “Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a dramatic loss and negatively impact the people’s livelihoods and their health in Vietnam and around the world. In the first strain of covid in Vietnam, UEF was one of the universities at the forefont of the “Rice ATM”. Currently, UEF also responded to the spirit of compasionation of HTV in Vaccine Donation Programme. This was considered as meaningful, contributing to the high sense of sharing with other people.”

Dr. Nhan Cam Tri – The Vice President of the university called on kind hearts to together repel COVID-19

With the desire to share with the community, UEF Charity Association has also helped to complete the task of buying and provide people within the nation with vaccines. On behalf of the charity, Mr Do Quoc Anh – Vice President of the School Council shared “The donation for vaccine program orgranised by HTV and UEF not only spread the spirit of compassionation but also educate the students. This is an opportunity for lecturers as well as students to acquire lesson of sharing in a society. UEF make the effort to draw out the optimal plan in which all of the UEF members will receive vaccines beside those who will get a vaccine in the near future.
 Representing the young generation of UEF, Mr. Nguyen Huy Sinh - Secretary of the Youth Union, Deputy Head of Student Affairs Department said ‘Rasing fund for purchases of vaccines brings the safety to over 90 million Vietnamese just as how we installed rice ATM in the past. Now, we together join hands to not only donate cash but also give people peace of mind, meaning that every Vietnamese will be taken good care of during the pandemic.”. This was a humane way for the students to deliver their small acts of kindness in the hope of bringing happiness to the underpriviledged so that they can have the opportunity to receive injection of vaccines against coronavirus.
 After the event, Nguyen Ngoc Minh Tuan, a thir-year student of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, said ‘In my opinion, this is a practical activity for the community. Thanks to this programme, there are a number of people in need of help who can have the opportunity to get injections of COVID-19 vaccines ensure the motto “Không ai bị bỏ lại phía sau (Leave no one behind)”. Moreover, in the event, UEF also brought about educational values to the students, which not only provides us knowledge but also educated us how to be kind. Despite our minor contribution, we’re still pleased to at least offer help to the society.”

UEF young generation are always dedicated to community activities.
According to the organizers, the event will end on March 3rd at the Lobby on Level 1 at UEF. Organisations, enterprises, staff and students can participate in person during the event. Your contribution and cooperation with UEF will play an important part in spreading the compassionating sense of Vietnamese and replicate the belief to win in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
News: AMi, Images: Hong Quan

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