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Day 2 of SRI Workshop: UEFers exchange projects with international lecturers and students


MARCH 12, UEF Center of Project Design Training, in collaboration with Kanazawa Institute of Technology (K.I.T - Japan), held the second session in a series of international workshops on the topic "Sri's Introduction To Innovation".

UEFers continue with the second learning session of the workshop


After gaining an overview of the course information, UEFers and K.I.T students collaborated in group work and were guided by instructors to accelerate the development of innovative ideas using the NABC model, which includes: N (Need) - describing the important needs of customers, markets, and the current problems; A (Approach) - describing solutions that meet important needs; B (Benefits) - describing the benefits and competitive costs of the solution; and C (Competitors) - describing and analyzing competitive rivals, existing solutions in the market.

Through continuous feedback, comments, and suggestions from participating instructors and students, projects are gradually being refined. 

Students exchange ideas about projects with international lecturers and students

Additionally, students also engaged in discussions on innovation principles according to SRI, such as Innovation Champion (role of creative leaders), Innovation Team (creative team members), and Organizational Alignment (principles in an organization).

"SRI’s Introduction To Innovation" is an annual international workshop series organized by the  UEF Center of Project Design Education (PD) in association with Kanazawa Institute of Technology - Japan (K.I.T). The instructors participating in the workshop are innovation training experts certified by the Stanford International Research Institute. This is an opportunity for students from both institutions to learn, research, and exchange ideas about innovation in a professional international environment, continuing to develop themselves in various aspects.

The session took place in a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Despite the constant activity, the students remained energetic with a strong sense of enthusiasm. Hopefully, the young innovators will excel in completing their projects during the final working session tomorrow, March 13.

Photos: PD Center
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