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Expand cultural connections and knowledge accumulation in the Land of Kimchi for UEFers


As a university pursuing the international academic model, UEF places great emphasis on implementing international exchange programs to create opportunities for learners to experience high-quality educational environments in various countries.

Following the annual "study abroad" activities and experiences at UEF, in 2024, students who are fond of South Korea can participate in the student exchange program at Chungbuk National University organized by the UEF International Institute. With the opportunity to study at one of the top 10 national universities in South Korea, it is certain that students will accumulate a wealth of knowledge, skills, and valuable experiences for themselves.


Joining the exchange program at Chungbuk National University gives interesting experiences


Participating in this student exchange program, UEFers will immerse themselves in life and directly experience the culture, country, and people in the land of kimchi. Besides studying and enriching knowledge from advanced countries, this is also a great opportunity for individuals to improve their language skills and soft skills. Furthermore, expanding relationships with international friends will provide young people with diverse perspectives and valuable experiences.

This program is for sophomores or more whose majors are currently Korean Language with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8/4.0 scale. The learning program will start in September 2024 and last continuously for six months.  

Chungbuk National University has been a strategic partner of UEF for many years 


The system has 15 specialized universities and 9 postgraduate institutes to train different fields that are suitable for the demands of the labor market. To contribute to promoting cultural exchanges and creating a friendly and community-oriented learning environment for students, the university usually celebrates signing cooperation agreements with many prestigious universities in the world, including UEF. Chungbuk National University has over 1.100 overseas students from 40 countries to learn and research today.

On campus, there is a library, museum, center for research instruments and experimental facilities, computer center, observatory, human rights center, etc., and other state-of-the-art and quality facilities to provide the most quality educational experiences for learners. In addition, this university is considered one of the top 10 national universities in South Korea. 

The campus for studying and activities at Chungbuk National University (Source: Study abroad in South Korea)

In reality, exchange programs and international semesters are indispensable and outstanding activities when talking about UEF. In 2023, UEFers had many opportunities to study abroad and get experiences at reputable Korean universities cooperating with UEF. There are some notable universities, including Keimyung University, Chungbuk National University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, etc.

After learning in South Korea, UEFers have high praise for UEF’s exchange programs. Those who complete this program not only have opportunities to experience international educational environments with remarkable values, but they are also considered for recognition of equivalent course credits and transfer of academic results to UEF. 

Exchange programs are opportunities for UEFers to study and interact with overseas friends


The duration to register for exchange programs is from now until May 20. Students who desire to experience the country, cultures, people, and quality education system in South Korea quickly join to get the opportunity to have many unforgettable memories. 

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