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From 1/8 To 8/8, Historical And Cultural "Picture" Of ASEAN Will Be Demonstrated At UEF’s Events


Towards the 53rd Anniversary of the Founding of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), UEF will implement interesting welcoming activities such as ASEAN Cultural Week, Ring the golden bell competition. These activities aim to raise the awareness and spirit of ASEAN citizens for all students, especially students of International Relations. Thereby, students can experience and apply their professional knowledge and competence into reality.

The exhibition with the "Wonderful ASEAN" topic

The exhibition will be organized by the Faculty of Law and International Relations and Communications on August 1st. In this event, the cultural and social characteristics of ASEAN countries will be recreated through traditional costumes, customs, cuisine and social life by Organizing Committee.

The exhibition will be held under the following forms: oral presentation, costume or poster show, display of typical cuisine and cultural symbols (musical instruments, publications,...) of the countries. Attending the event, students will broaden their horizon about the similarities in ASEAN's cultural diversity.

ASEAN Exhibition will bring new knowledge to UEF students.


The exhibition will open at 16:00 on August 1st and last until August 8th, 2020. Students who are interested in this topic can visit the exhibition corner in the first-floor hall.


Compete for "thickness" of knowledge through the ASEAN Ring the Golden Bell Competition

With the "ASEAN - 53 years of formation and development” topic, the ASEAN Ring the Golden Bell competition will be a useful and healthy playground, which provides opportunities to exchange and discover knowledge about ASEAN's formation and development for UEF students in general and students of International Relations in particular.

The competition consists of 2 rounds with thematic questions about process of formation and development of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and general knowledge about ASEAN countries.

The ASEAN Ring the Golden Bell Competition promises to create a beneficial and engaging playground for UEF Students


Preliminary Round: taking place on 30/7/2020 (Thursday) with multiple-choice tests on Computer

- Form: 100 online multiple-choice questions in 60 minutes, with each correct answer corresponding to 0.1 point.

- Organizing Committee will select the 100 candidates with the highest scores to attend the Final round.

Final Round: taking place at 8:00 am on August 7th, 2020 (Friday) with form of the Ring the Golden Bell Competition on VTV3.

- Form of competition: Candidates will sit on the competition floor with 100 numbers during the competition until they are disqualified. The main test consists of 20 sentences, in which Organizing Committee will take turns to ask each question. Candidates respond by writing the answers on the board. Time to think and answer is 15 seconds, calculated from the signal "Out" of the host.

- The correct answer is the same answer with that of the Organizing Committee; the similar answers will be decided by the Judges.

- The competitor who answers correctly continues to stay at the competition floor. Candidates who answer incorrectly or record answers after the required time will be disqualified.

Criteria for prizes:

- From question 1 to 10, candidates disqualified do not have prizes.

- From question 11 to 15, if there are no competitors on the floor, the competitors eliminated in the last question will receive souvenirs from the Organizing Committee.

- From question 16 to 20, if there are no competitors on the floor, the First Prize will be divided equally among the eliminated candidates in the final question.

- Candidates who pass question 20 will take a special exam to win the "Ring the Golden Bell". Special questions belong to 01 of 04 topics provided by the Organizing Committee and selected by candidates.

First Prize will include: Cash + UEF certificate (the prize will be equally divided for eliminated candidates in the last question if there are many candidates)

- Ring the Golden Bell Prize: scholarship of one IELTS course (05 months ) from ELC Vietnam International English Center, which is worth VND 20,000,000.

"Relief" Part and audience competition:

- From questions 05 to 10, if there are fewer than 10 contestants on the floor, the "Relief" team will be challenged to "rescue" the contestants. The number of contestants returning to the floor depends on how challenging the team completed.

- In case there is only a contestant on the floor, the competitor has the right to use the "Relief Board" once time: when the competitor uses this right, the audiences will write the answer on the paper plane and launch it into the floor in 2 minutes. Candidates can not move from the sitting position. According to the suggested answers, the candidate gives the answer.

- The remaining questions after competition finished will be for the audience.

All UEF students apply for registration from July 22 to 15:00 on July 20, 2020.

Promisingly, UEF students will have a fascinating week of study, experience unique and cultural characteristics in the community of Southeast Asian nations - ASEAN. 


Original News: Quyen Cuong



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