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Gloucestershire Graduation 2021: Shout out to our fresh graduates


These messages are from the inseparable companions on the learning journey of the Gloucestershire (UoG) program graduates at UEF. UEF and UoG faculty members are fully cognizant of the difficulties and challenges that their students have encountered. As the graduation ceremony is coming, they convene to express great pride and sincere congratulations to all the fresh graduates.

Prof. Stephen Marston, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gloucestershire, emphasized that graduation is a defining moment, it marks and symbolizes the point at which most of our students reach the end of that formal education having gained a strong platform of personal and professional development as young adults. Despite all the interruptions, loss, and fear caused by the pandemic, he hoped that fresh graduates today would be graduating with a strong sense of optimism, opportunity and self-confidence because they had shown that they could cope with uncertainty, and they could succeed in diversity. 

Prof. Stephen Marston paid a visit to UEF 3 years ago.

“Every year’s graduation ceremony is special but this year is truly exceptional because of the disruption caused all around the world by the coronavirus pandemic. This year we're not just celebrating the academic achievements and qualifications of our students but also celebrating the courage, resilience, and determination all of you have shown to keep going through the pandemic. We’re celebrating the exceptional commitment and professionalism of all UEF’s staff doing their very best to continue teaching and provide excellent support for the students. Here we are celebrating the love and care of parents, families, and friends who supported students in their dark times and help them to stick with us as they take their exams and assessments and carry on with the successful achievements that were applauded today”, said Prof. Marston.

In the integration era, the Gloucestershire Bachelor's Program has solidified its position in the international education system in UEF and Vietnam,  garnering growing attention from parents and students. Those applying for the program will benefit from the advanced and international-standard learning environment without going abroad, especially when the development of COVID-19 in the world remains complicated, making it the most appealing highlight of the program.

Prof. Arran Stibbe assured the tremendous values from the UK Program would enhance new graduates’ confidence in the future.

Prof. Arran Stibbe, Course leader for the B.A English Language and Linguistics encouraged the new graduates to proudly introduce to future employers that they have in hand the 2021 Gloucestershire bachelor’s degree. At the time, the University of Gloucestershire was in the top 16 universities in the UK for English, according to the Guardian League Table. It was also the number one university in the UK for sustainability, according to People & Planet. Through studying this degree, the fresh graduates developed expert knowledge of linguistics and skills in speaking and writing fluently in English. However, they have gained much more than that. The year-long module Communication for Leadership has helped them develop essential skills for effective leadership. Through their dissertation, they have developed skills in independent research. Through the module engaging Humanities, they have gained skills in applying knowledge to practical situations. And across the degree, they have developed skills in reflecting on issues of importance for Vietnam and the world. So that they can become not only an effective leader in the future but also an ethical one.

“So to the students, I’d like to say a huge congratulations for their amazing achievement and good luck in your future. You’ll always be UoG Alumni that I always welcome to visit. To the lecturers, I’d like to thank you for your dedication and for inspiring the students. And to UEF, I’d like to thank you for being a fantastic partner institution and I’m delighted that we are going to be building on, and expanding on our partnership in the future”, said Prof. Stibbe.

Prof. Matt Barr congratulated the new graduates

“Congratulations to you all for this significant achievement. It’s been especially challenging for everyone in the world and no doubt for anyone studying the course. I really hope the chance of quality time with your families, your friends, your colleagues, and your lecturers”, said Prof. Matt Barr, the academic course leader for the Business and marketing management programme.

“2021 is one of the most chaotic years in education history. The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems, not only in Vietnam but everywhere in the world. However, all the students of the UK program at UEF have successfully fulfilled the requirements, passed the final exams, and graduated from this program. Congratulations! I would like to congratulate every one of you on your graduation day. It has taken hard work, dedication, and commitment to successfully finish the challenging program you have signed up 4 years ago. You did it! UoG and UEF community are proud of you! I wish you the best of luck on your new journey!”, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc, Vice President and Director of UEF International Institute, congratulated the fresh graduates on their achievements, representing UEF. 

Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc and the first-batch graduates of the UK Bachelor's Program

As the supportive companions during the learning journey, UEF International Institute faculty members sent the deepest congratulations to the first-batch graduates.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hien Nhu likened the fresh graduates to “super human being”, who are willing to take on challenges.

“Congratulations to everyone for this milestone accomplishment. For you’ve come a long way, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite us all to look back on this entire journey. To all the ups and downs, ebb and flow, the good times and bad times alike, to cherish those moments which help us grow and become great individuals. Your story of determination, of striving for success will be such an admiration and inspiration to your family, to your friends and everyone around and I included. Congratulations again you super human being”, voiced his expression Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hien Nhu.

Mr. Daniel Naville encourages the new graduates to keep fulfilling their dreams.

“Good afternoon, fresh graduates. Congratulations on your achievement. It’s a beautiful day and the first step in the direction of your new future. So get ready for the big challenges ahead. And with that, I wish you all the best, success, luck, and fulfillment of all your dreams, especially”, Mr. Daniel Naville said.

The four-year journey of the Gloucestershire Bachelor's Program first-batch students has eventually come to fruition. With an international degree accredited by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training in hand, we wish the fresh graduates today all the courage and determination to earnestly strive for the goals ahead.

Nguyên Lê

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