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Have your Christmas photos right at ‘Home’

The cool atmosphere recently have created an eagerness for UEFers to celebrate a Merry Christmas. And UEFers need not to go anywhere else: The pine trees, snowflakes and the reindeers have appeared all around our campuses. A bunch of new photos have been posted here and there on our members’ Facebook newsfeeds. So what are you waiting for? Be fast and pose for a new photo right at our main lounge!

Cute poses at the main lounge 

Every Christmas, UEF provides a new theme for all to capture good memories with their beloved friends.
'Dress a bit' and update your social network profiles with Christmas photos 

The Christmas designs this year were carried out thoroughly by our students themselves. Members from different faculties had a network opportunity and
beautiful year-end memories together.  

Let’s pose and have a new top-notch Facebook avatar 

Save our beautiful memories this Christmas season
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