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[Idea 2 Business] A UEF faculty member and his team win a scholarship for a course in entrepreneurship

[Idea 2 Business] is an International Entrepreneurship Competition organized by Universitas Esa Unggul and the Academy of Entrepreneurs Australia. 180 students, 95 student groups, and 44 faculty members from 30 universities in 12 countries have been participating in the competition.

Dr. Huynh Nhut Nghia, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics along with his team One Team - One Heart are taking part in the competition on UEF’s behalf. Prior to the competition, their product “Handbags and plant pots recycled from sugarcane bagasse and coffee grounds” had also won first place at the “Innovative Technopreneur Contest”. 

The competition gathered 95 teams from 12 countries

A full-tuition scholarship for an online course covering the topic “How to turn Idea to Business” was granted to Mr. Nghia and his students. At the end of the course, the group with the best presentation on business ideas will be selected for the first prize.

The online course started this morning (August 24) on the Zoom platform. All participants are now taking their first step in figuring out great values from the competition. 

The representative of UEF participating in the competition

According to the Organization Committee, participants will get to:

- Sharpen their “EQ”: by making a life-changing decision to become an entrepreneur. Setting the right mindset is essential to working hard and making dreams come true.
- Seize their “Business opportunities”: by evaluating your idea and turn it into a successful business.
- Develop their” Design thinking mindset”: by studying the art of problem-solving in business strategies and practice, which is crucial in building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The 4-week online course with the topic “How to Turn Idea to Business”

In the next activity, the groups will share their baby steps on how to build a business model with the first website, startup capital, advertisements to attract/ convince investors, startup strategies, first clients, etc.

These ideas will be helpful in finalizing their business ideas and making a breakthrough on the presentation day. On top of that, they are taking one step closer to being successful entrepreneurs with a strong business background.
Congratulate One Team - One Heart and their mentor - Dr. Huynh Nhut Nghia on their first success to demonstrate the spirit of UEF at a global entrepreneurship competition. It’s worth waiting for what they will experience and how they will connect to international fellows after the 4-week course.

Photos: I2B
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