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International students to kick off New Academic Year at UEF


As the back-to-school season approaches, students at every university are embarking on their new academic year through exhilarating activities. This energy is particularly rousing at the University of Economics and Finance (UEF), where many international students will spend their exchange semester.

According to UEF, with the aim to educate global citizens, the university has established partnerships with nearly 20 countries worldwide and obtained approximately 60 universities’ cooperation and recognition of UEF’s academic programs. With this extensive network, UEF students have more opportunities to learn and exchange.

Successive international academic programs

With its distinguished bilingual-international academic curricula that align with the need for student exchange, UEF is one of the “magnets” that attracts students from foreign countries to come study and experience.

At the kickstart of this new academic year, the university enrolled 15 international exchange students from Germany, England, France, Denmark, Poland, and China. Simultaneously, UEFers will also go on an exchange program in China this September.

UEF’s newly enrolled international students 

That universities worldwide choose UEF to execute student exchange programs indicates the convergence of UEF’s academic program and international education standards. In addition to a state-of-the-art and inclusive learning environment that suits international students, a profusion of extracurricular activities is a must for them to quickly integrate and adapt.

Students participating in the 2023-2024 international exchange program come from UEF partner universities, including UPEC - IAE Paris-Est (France), Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University College London (UK), CY Cergy Paris University (France), and Guangxi Minzu University (China).

UEF’s energetic international environment helps foreign students adapt quickly

“It’s my pleasure to be a part of UEF in the next six months. I’m looking forward to exploring Vietnam’s unique culture and making new friends”, Loic Varin, a British student studying at UPEC - IAE Paris-Est (France), shared.

During the exchange semester, these international students will have the chance to study and exchange with UEFers, along with learning about Vietnamese history, culture, country, and people.

Samuel Hold, a German student from Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, added: "I'm really looking forward to what I'm about to experience soon."

Laying the foundation to be global citizens

International internships and exchanges are two of many international programs regularly implemented at UEF, providing students with access to advanced education and a global working environment. 

At the start of the new academic year, UEF sent 9 Chinese Language students to Qufu Normal University and Guangxi University for Nationalities (China) in an international student exchange program; 4 other students went to Japan to participate in corporate internships.  

 Foreign internships and exchange programs are made available to UEF students

Students' professional expertise enhances their study and training procedures in an international environment. Meetings with specialists, professors, and friends from numerous nations also help broaden UEFers’ mindsets, as they obtain the crucial soft skills for adaptable success in a multicultural setting. Therefore, students can identify the factors needed to become global citizens.

In particular, students' foreign language skills will be significantly improved and developed through communication with lecturers, friends, and native speakers. Especially, their use of language and conversation style are also promoted when they encounter native culture and people in reality.

With its education internationalization strategy as well as the desire to create quality human resources with comprehensive knowledge, good foreign languages, and integration skills, UEF is constantly expanding international programs for students such as student exchange program, articulation program (2+2), (3+1), or studying entirely in Vietnam with foreign lecturers. This is an ideal environment for students to sharpen their expertise,  languages, and soft skills, preparing themselves for multinational job positions in the era of integration.

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