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Keimyung University representatives (Korea) greet and meet with UEFers


APRIL 7 - Korean Language students at UEF had a meeting with representatives from Keimyung University. UEFers Students got a chance to gain more insights into the articulation programs and their overseas studying opportunities in the near future.

Representing Keimyung University, there were Mr. Min Kyung Mo – International Project Manager, Professor of Korean Language Education, and Mr. Shin Sang Soo – Head of the International Cooperation Department, Supervisor of Vietnamese students.

Students meeting with representatives from Keimyung University

The event also featured Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh – Deputy Dean, Faculty of Languages and International Cultures; Ms. Huynh Tu Anh – Deputy Director, UEF International Institute.

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh accompanied Korean Language students at the event

During the meeting, UEFers were introduced about our partner university as well as mobility programs, semesters abroad, cultural experiences, and 2+2 articulation programs for UEFers. At Keimyung University, there have already been 2 Korean Language students studying under the cooperative program with accredited adaptability, integration, and academic results. Hence, Keimyung University aspires to repeat this success by welcoming more UEFers to study under a diversity of programs.

In addition, the delegates also supported UEFers in tackling inquiries relating to difficulties when participating in the articulation program, and inspired them to learn Korean. According to Mr. Min Kyung Mo, the Topik exam and speaking skills as well as flexibility and confidence are of utmost importance when learning Korean. He was further impressed by how enthusiastic UEFers are and the learning facilities UEF has offered.

From July 16 to July 22, UEFers will have the opportunity to set foot in the Land of Kimchi through a cultural exchange program in Korea.

Keimyung University’s representative interacting with UEFers

The information from the Korean representatives equipped UEFers with a deeper understanding about their university. For the students who wish to participate in the course, this meeting acts as the fundamental basis for you to prepare the appropriate knowledge and skills.


Keimyung University was established in 1899 in the city of Daegu. It is also one of the 10 most beautiful universities in the Land of Kimchi.

With an extensive history of development, Keimyung University possesses many outstanding achievements in education such as: The 3rd best university in Daegu city, The 24th best university in Korea (4icu ranking), etc. Keimyung University is a top priority for not only Vietnamese students but a number of international scholars as well. Up to now, this has been a home of more than 21,000 undergraduate students, 2,000 graduate students, and 1,400 international students.



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