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Kim Anh from Institute of International Education - new Champion of UEF Golden Mic 2019

Having an impressive performance which can be considered as a ‘rebirth’,  Kim Anh (Ton Truc) has placed a milestone in her achievement with the UEF Golden Mic 2019.

Contestant Nguyen Thi Kim Anh championed the UEF Golden Mic 2019

 It is for certain that January 4 is not only for Ton Truc, the other eleven performances were all unforgettable remarks in Golden Mic 2019. To fairly judge those excellent performances, the Judging panel were experts in the field: Journalist-MC Phuoc Lap, voice actor Hoang Khuyet, MC Hoang Vu - Cau Vong 2014 Champion, MC Thanh Mai- Top 4 Cau Vong 2014, Musician Kim Tuyen - ’father’ of various trending songs.

Dr. Nhan Cam Tri delivered his opening speech for the Final Round

In this round, the twelve contestants had to overcome three sections to show their ability to the judges: theatricalize the self-introduction with topic ‘Xuan’ (The Spring), MC in pair, and individual narration of an assigned photo. 

The contestants confidently performed on stage


A surprising encouragement from parents

With a diversity of performances, from TV show, Game show, Talkshow, to Reality show, news story, with different individual styles of the contestants, The Final Round was  truly a night of talents from UEFers.

 ‘A nice MC is not a talkative one, instead, one with invaluable words’ said Judge Phuoc Lap. 

At the end of each section, the contestants were given sincere and constructive comments, as well as sharing of real situations on stage from the judges. The inspirational shares about skills in delivering contents, choosing suitable voice, personal styles, the collaboration in pair, or how to conduct an impressive program all go beyond simple comments. Those are priceless instructions for future Masters of Ceremony.

Constructive comments given in each contestant’s performance.

The intense atmosphere disappeared thanks to Judge Hoang Khuyet’s voice over performance

Musician Hua Kim Tuyen brought in the sweet melody ‘Cau hon’ (the Proposal) to the competition

Besides the comments from the Judges, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha- Head of Public Relations and Communications also delivered her suggestions to the competitors. “Youth is the imperfection, which also means hope and motivation to further discovery and flourishing.” -said Dr. Ha. 

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha- Head of Public Relations and Communications gave her suggestions.

Through each section, the contestants have shown their talents as well as realizing the limitations. With the breakthrough performance in each "race", there was a little girl who always made the audience burst into laughter and excitement - Nguyen Thi Kim Anh (Ton Truc) -Institute of International Education student has successfully conquered the examination panel and audience to take home the Golden Mic 2019 Champion. The 1st runner-up goes to Dang Ngoc Anh Thu - student of Public Relations and Communications, and the 2nd runner-up is Nguyen Minh Hao - a Faculty of English student. In addition, the Organizing Committee also presented the prospective contestant to Huynh Phuc Hau -student of Faculty of Economics.

The Golden Mic 2019 Prizes found their deserved owners

Sharing her overjoyed excitements with the newly achieved champion, Nguyen Thi Kim Anh said: “This victory is the victory of everyone. I am very thankful for the helps during the past journey, Ms. Lan Nhi who has devotedly guided, the examiners and teachers whose comments helped me improve. Previously, I signed up to participate in the competition and also received the support of my family. Through the competition, I feel much more confident, this will be a stepping stone for me to strive to train and grow up in the future. "

The Organizers presented Certificates for Top 30

 UEF representative provided flowers and Letter of Appreciation to the contest’s Sponsor: TP Bank

With nearly 100 entries in the Preliminary round and over one month of competition, the UEF Gold Mic 2019 has created an environment to train and foster the candidates to become talented MCs in the future. This is also a "springboard" to promote the arts and culture movement of the university, and spread the image of UEF students "active - creative - confident - integrated".


News: Quyen Cuong, photo: Media Team



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