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Leeds Trinity University (LTU) visits UK Bachelor’s program students

March 22 - UEF welcomed Dr. Katie Lupton – Course Leader, International Business and Ms. Patrizia Deidda – Director, International Cooperation from Leeds Trinity University (LTU) visiting students of its articulation programme Batches of 2021 and 2022 students gained various advice and suggestions in study methods during the UK Bachelor's degree program of LTU.
In order to make an opening remark on the meeting, Dr. Katie Lupton, "When students have a solid English, you guys will have more possibilities to look for scholarships and find a decent career that is acceptable for yourself."

Dr. Katie Lupton and Ms. Patrizia Deidda attended “Meet and Greet” at UEF

"Although English is not a difficult language to learn, it is crucial that you practice it on a daily basis. Your English will improve as you practice. The more you listen, the more acquainted and sensitive you will become. You will build confidence in your speaking skills and will not be frightened to make mistakes." expressed Dr. Katie Lupton.
Ms. Patrizia Deidda, who is from a small village, also revealed that "English is not her mother tongue. As someone who is learning English, she believes that the most essential thing is to comprehend and have people understand what we say. It means you don't have to grasp every word, and you don't have to focus too much on how you pronounce it, which diminishes your confidence."
Students pay attention to lectures on English learning skills.

There are several effective and equally enjoyable ways to learn English, Ms. Patrizia Deidda expressed, such as listening and learning vocabulary through songs, watching cartoons, playing English games, being a tourguide for foreign tourists in HCMC, and so on.
Dr. Katie Lupton additionally shared Ms. Patrizia's statement by noting, "Whatever method you use to study, keep in mind that vocabulary is a major factor in English achievement. When you lack lexical resources, you will be unable to convey your thoughts, even though they are obvious in your mind."
During this meeting, the students engaged in a discussion exercise to fill in the keywords in the lecturer's questions and illustrate their decision. The students left a lasting impression on the two lecturers with persuasive and profound responses, owing to their strengths in English languages, confidence, and great expression.

LTU students actively discuss keywords and question-filling tasks.

Dr. Katie Lupton and Ms. Patrizia Deidda also provided students with valuable information such as the current status of the foreign enterprise setting; strengths that will be in high demand in 2023; note-taking abilities, lecture summaries, and thesis writing pitfalls to avoid.
Meet & Greet, an annual program, provides freshmen and sophomores with an overview assessment of the curriculum while also providing them with the knowledge and abilities they'll need to direct their third and fourth-year paths. All LTU articulation program students continue to respond favorably to the program.
According to LTU, mobility UEFers will be given chances to study and work to gain real-world experience, enhance their profile, and acquire additional funding for their study, in addition to scholarships for excellent students.
Students are known to be able to work 2-3 days a week. This activity depends on the class schedule and is guaranteed not to interfere with the student's learning quality.


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Photos: Tuan Nau

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