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Meeting between UEF and international universities on community activities

NOVEMBER 4, the Center of Service-Learning (CSL) welcomed The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Vietnamese - Germany University (VGU) to UEF to have a discussion on issues regarding community engagement activities – Service-Learning model in the university environment.
The meeting honorably had the presence of PolyU representatives, including Dr. Stephen Chan – Consultant Service-Learning and Leadership Office, Dr. Rina Camus, Ms. Artemis Kuo, and Ms. Tiffany Ko, as well as VGU representatives including Dr. Thomas Guidat – Director of Industrial Relations and Technology Transfer Center, and Ms. Dinh Nguyen Thien An – Industrial Relations and Technology Transfer Officer.

From Representing UEF, there were Dr. Nhan Cam Tri – UEF Vice President of the University, Mr. Bui Quang Dong – Director, Department of Student Services and Director, Center of Service-Learning, and  Ms. Tran Thi My Phuong – Deputy Director, Center of Service-Learning.
Representatives of the parties discussed the operation and development of Service-Learning network.
To welcome UEF’s partner universities, core students of the project provided an introduction to CSL and accomplishments in applying this model. This is the warm-up activity before the discussion between the parties.

The representatives also introduced about community engagement activities at their universities and how to develop and expand the Service-Learning network. Besides, the parties shared their points of view on the value and scale of development to enable students to access community activities.

With the vision and desire to provide greater opportunities for students to participate in social impact activities, Dr. Stephen Chan shared: “Community activities should not be limited to one region or one country. There are numerous interesting things for students to experience when stepping out into an international environment, despite many challenges. Students will certainly acquire many lessons and much experience from these activities.” 
UEF students presented what CSL had achieved during the past time

“Aiming at international-standard learning environment, UEF is always ready to welcome international students to study and experience the educational environment here. We also seize opportunities for students to engage in academic and cultural exchanges overseas which are firmly believed to bring valuable lessons and experience to students, especially with such an interesting and meaningful activity like Service-Learning,” said Dr. Nhan Cam Tri in the discussion about the direction of expanding and developing Service-Learning activities.

At the same time, VGU representatives expressed their desire to implement the Service-Learning model: “Despite the unavailability of methodical operating mechanisms like UEF or a long-established operating platform like PolyU, VGU is prepared to accompany and cooperate in the time to come with the same vision and orientation as its partner universities.
The meeting opened up opportunities for UEF students to engage in academic and cultural exchanges in the field of community activities

The issues explored at this meeting contributed to promoting future inter-university cooperation and further developed the Service-Learning model in the university environment. Hopefully, academic and cultural exchange opportunities in the field of community activities for UEF students will be implemented soon.
Photos: Tuan Anh
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