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Miss Charm 2023 - Luma Russo help spreading enthusiastic and positive spirit at UEF


SEPTEMBER 12 - UEF freshmen had an extra-curricular session exchanging with Miss Charm 2023 - Luma Russo, whose key message was “Enjoy the process”. Through her impressive journey to conquer the crown, UEFers were inspired to develop and become the best versions of themselves.

UEF’s freshmen had the opportunity to meet Miss Charm 2023 - Luma Russo

Welcoming Luma Russo to UEF, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc - Vice President & Director, UEF International Institute emphasized that the University is keenly aware of international affairs. With an internationally orientated view, UEF students can participate in numerous activities and meet global influencers, thereby expanding their multi-dimensional perspective and experiencing different cultures. He also expressed that having Miss Charm 2023 visit UEF to share her experience and inspiration is a great honor that UEF’s freshmen would have many memorable memories with Miss Charm.

Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc gave a welcoming speech to Miss Charm 2023 - Luma Russo  

Emphasizing the importance of English in modern society, Miss Luma Russo said she would not have been able to achieve so many achievements without it. Proficiency in English will help break down language and cultural barriers, facilitating access to many different civilizations.

In particular, in her presentation, the Brazilian beauty also expressed her interest in UEF's international collaboration programs, especially with the UK. According to Miss Russo, these opportunities will help students improve their language skills and build a solid foundation to become global citizens, bringing many values ​​to society.

Lumar Russo shared about her journey to attain the Miss Charm title 

UEFers were all ears upon Luma Russo starts sharing her impressive journey of becoming Miss Charm at the event. Unlike her radiant and confident image on stage, she shared that she also encountered many challenges during the competition which came from her busy schedule, competition pressure, or ill health. However, Russo’s self-determination and persistence in what she was doing were the keys to helping her overcome everything and successfully win her crown.

From her own precious experiences, Miss Charm has brought valuable lessons to UEF students. According to Miss Luma Russo, fear, disorientation, or failure are inevitable in our youth. To truly answer the question "Who am I?", we should boldly experience, engage in challenges, and do things that make us happy. Don't be afraid of challenges or failures. Ultimately, it is the determination, courage, and confidence to seize every opportunity that will take us very far.

A large number of UEF freshmen participated in the activity

Luma Russo and Top 3 Miss UEF 2022   

In addition, Miss Charm 2023 also said that university is a place to develop ourselves comprehensively and expand our relationships. Consequently, we should actively socialize, interact with friends, learn and grow from one another. Finding like-minded friends will make our paths easier and full of motivation.

Miss Charm 2023 also had a meeting session with the UEF Board of Management and faculty members on the same day. Accompanying Miss Charm were Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga - Chief Executive Officer, Elite Entertainment in Vietnam, and Ms. Trinh Thi Hoang Kim - Top 3 Miss Charm Vietnam 2023 - a prominent alumni of UEF.

Attending the meeting on behalf of UEF were Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc - Vice President and Director of UEF International Institute; Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet - Director, UEF Spanish and Latin American Institute; Mr. Nguyen Ba Anh - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute; Dr. Nguyen Hong Nhung - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute; and Mr. Nguyen Huynh Sinh - Deputy Director, Department of Student Services.

Additionally, the Top 3 Miss UEF 2023 - Le Phan Ngoc Khanh, Nguyen Thi Hoai Phuong, and Truong Van Tu Tam also attended.

Luma Russo and UEF Board of Management representatives at the event 

Through introductions from lecturers, Luma Russo had an overview of UEF. With an international orientation and comprehensive development for students, UEF not only focuses on academics but also has many activities and competitions in different fields. In particular, beauty and modeling clubs are also invested in and developed to hone feminine skills and confidence, thereby helping them be ready to conquer the world's beauty contests.

Luma Russo said as she commented on UEF that she was very impressed with the learning environment, international joint programs as well as the training quality of the University. She also complimented the dynamism and enthusiasm of the students here.


Both sides expressed their pleasure to have this exchange event 

After this session with Miss Charm 2023 Lumar Russo, may all UEF freshmen be inspired and ready for a bright and successful journey ahead.

Anh Thy

Photos: Le Hai

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