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New Year letter from UEF President to the Year of Dragon

       Dear UEF faculty, staff and students,
       Dear our distinguished partners.
       Across the nation, the celebration of the Year of the Dragon is being embraced with joy and warmth amidst family and loved ones. In the spirit of this meaningful atmosphere, on behalf of the University's Board of Management, I extend heartfelt New Year wishes to esteemed teachers, students, partners, friends, and families for peace and happiness.

       In 2023, despite facing numerous challenges, with unity and cohesion among the collective, and the collaboration of esteemed partners, UEF has maintained its internal strength, adapting to the changes in the environment and achieving breakthroughs in various aspects of its activities. Our academic programs have been upgraded and continually improved according to the standards of advanced countries; the second-cycle quality assessment for educational institutions has been completed; dozens of international partnerships have been strengthened and expanded; the number of students participating in internships abroad in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia has increased; the network of domestic and international business partnerships has expanded; the position of university students has been elevated through awards and participation in academic, sports, and cultural events both domestically and internationally. The main goal is to create a safe teaching and learning environment, ensuring university education standards within the University, and allowing students to develop comprehensively and excel in their careers.

UEF's proud and memorable achievements in 2023
       In addition to the university's general professional activities, the collective of teachers and students always places high value on the tradition of mutual assistance and contributes more to socially oriented services.

Community service activities are highly appreciated at UEF

       Building on the foundations established in the past year, as we enter the new year, the UEF community will continue its efforts to sustain the achievements gained and remain steadfast in pursuing the goals set for the new academic year. Specifically, UEF aims to strongly implement major goals such as internationalization and digitization of university education; constructing modern, impressive facilities; providing the best learning environment for students, from support services, cultural, artistic, sports, and academic activities to internships and employment; strengthening community engagement. UEF will continue to make its mark on society as an integrated, innovative university that has been continually developing over the years.

The image of dynamic, self-assured UEF students is positively radiated

       In this moment of the new year, I wish all faculty, staff, students, esteemed partners, and friends, along with their families, a spring filled with "Prosperity – Safety – Wealth", and I wish UEF continued strength and affirmation of its position, bringing many valuable educational values to the community and society.
UEF President
Nguyen Thanh Giang


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