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Officers, lecturers, and staff in UEF benefit from experts' health consultation

University of Economics and Finance (UEF) and Hoa Hao Medic Co.Ltd. - General Clinic yesterday (January 9) held a regular medical checkup and health consultation for the university’s employees.

This is an annual activity in UEF to take care of employees’ health

 Our officers, lecturers, and staff were provided with general examinations: height, weight, measurement, and necessary tests, to name a few, blood test, X-ray, ECG(electrocardiogram), ultrasound  to check their health status and detect diseases (if any) to have proper treatments.

UEF employees’ health were being examined through various tests

 Based on the results, each was insightfully consulted by doctors about health status, ways to overcome bad habits, sufficient daily hydration, and physical exercise/sports to improve health. Our officers, lecturers and staff can then decide the proper way to take action to manage their individual physical status.

Besides health tests, individual consultations from experts were another service in this check-up session 

Furthermore, sports, recreation and entertainment activities are frequently organized at UEF to provide a healthy and inspiring working environment for the institution’s team. Through these activities, the collective of UEF's officers - lecturers - staff will have more motivation and connection to build a stronger UEF home.

News: Phuoc Hien, Photos: Quynh Nhu

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