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Plus 3 - 2024: ​20 Pitt students “check-in” at HCM city on their first day in Vietnam


MAY 6, after the welcome ceremony, students from the University of Pittsburgh - USA (Pitt) visited famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City on a double-decker bus; participated in a welcome party, enjoyed dinner with UEFers, and had conversations about their first day in Vietnam.

Traveling by double-decker bus to various locations, the Pitt student group eagerly enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Ho Chi Minh City in the evening. This was an exciting and memorable first-hand experience in the Plus 3 - 2024 journey, which lasts for two weeks.

With the support of UEFers, Pitt students gained insights into each tourist attraction, such as Saigon Opera House, Bach Dang Wharf, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, etc. 

At each location, Pitt and UEF students captured memorable moments together, which strengthened their bond. In the program, each Pitt student is paired with a UEFer who assists them in studying and participating in activities, facilitating a smoother experience for those involved.

Sydney Rosenberg was impressed with the attentive and warm support of the UEF students on her first day in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Tyler Cobb expressed his admiration for the traffic and architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, and especially the patriotism and national spirit of the Vietnamese people when he noticed many Vietnamese flags in various places he passed by.

At the end of the day, the Pitt students had dinner with the lecturers at a restaurant at UEF. They enjoyed their meal while sharing interesting stories from their first day in Vietnam.

"My first impression of Vietnam is the weather, which I have never experienced before. The second impressive thing is the kindness of the Vietnamese people as well as the UEFers. A UEF female student who supported me made me feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. I will never forget the kindness and hospitality of everyone here. When I went sightseeing around Ho Chi Minh city on the bus, the architecture stood out to me; it was so breathtaking that photos cannot capture its true beauty. The first day was an unforgettable experience as I made new friends, tried new food, and admired Ho Chi Minh City. I am really looking forward to the next days of this journey," Hiwot Wisotzkey shared about her experience on the first day.

MAY 7 - The Pitt student group will have their first class at UEF, including Vietnamese language and Rural Development and Planning in Mekong Delta. It is believed that the positive energy from the first day will boost the students’ engagement effectiveness in the following classes.



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