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PLUS 3 2024 : UEF welcomes American student delegation, marking the 12-year cooperation milestone


MAY 6 - After a “circumnavigate” journey, the student delegation from the University of Pittsburgh, United States (Pitt) checked-in at UEF. They were greeted with warm embraces and vibrant flower wreaths, a hospitable welcome from UEF as they embark on the Plus 3 - 2024 program. This outstanding international event has been held twelve times by UEF and Pit during the 15-year collaboration.

This year, the Plus 3 program will offer American students semester abroad programs in 7 countries in the world, such as Korea, Argentina, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Cyprus. UEF is the only representative from the Southeast Asia region that Pitt students are eagerly anticipated for their learning experiences. 

UEF welcomed the student delegation from Pitt joining Plus 3 - 2024 program

The welcome ceremony was attended by Mr. Le Thang Loi - Deputy Director, Center for Education and Training Development in the South region, Ministry of Education and Training. On UEF’s side, there were representatives from the Board of Directors, Board of Presidents, and the leaders from various faculties. 

The representatives of Pitt included Ms. Stephanie Laura Spirk - Manager of Global Experiences Program, and Prof. Haimanti Banerjee. 

Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc delivered a welcome speech at the event

Delivering a welcome speech at the program, Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc - Vice President and Director of UEF International Institute, emphasized the UEF’s globalization goal, and shared about the 15-year cooperation between UEF and University of Pittsburgh: “UEF was established in 2007 and initiated the Plus 3 program in collaboration with Pitt in 2009, making Pitt the first international partner of UEF. During the 2-week period at UEF and in Vietnam, Pitt students will engage in academic exchanges, learn about Vietnamese culture, and participate in various activities. I hope the Plus 3 - 2024 program will not only strengthen the sustainable collaborative partnership between UEF and Pitt but also provides students from both sides with wonderful opportunities to make new friends, learn from each other, and gain meaningful experiences.

Prof. Haimanti Banerjee - the representative of University of Pittsburgh, sent deep gratitude to UEF

Responding to UEF, Prof. Haimanti Banerjee, - the representative of Pittsburgh, expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome and dedicated support. Through this Plus 3 program, she hopes that Pitt and UEF students will have numerous opportunities to learn across various fields and gain meaningful experiences.

The representative from the Ministry of Education and Training, Mr. Le Thang Loi congratulated and expressed his hope for the success of the Plus 3 - 2024 program

“The Plus 3 program has been implemented at UEF since 2009, which presents a great opportunity for students from both institutes to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and for American students to gain insights into Vietnam’s cultural traditions, country and people, thus strengthening the solidarity spirit of friendship between the two countries. The fact that UEF has been chosen as the destination for Plus 3 program is evidence of UEF’s educational quality and its internationally standardized learning environment. I believe that with the close cooperation between the two universities, the Plus 3 program will continue to achieve many successes, contributing to the education of confident, dynamic, and proactive students'', Mr. Le Thang Loi - representative of the Ministry of Education and Training, shared in the welcoming ceremony.

UEF representatives presented gifts to welcome the professors and the Pitt student delegation

The atmosphere of the program became even more vibrant as students from both universities participated in traditional folk games. Laughter and positive interaction right from the first meeting laid the groundwork for strong bonds in the upcoming exchange journey.

Performances to welcome the USA delegation

Before coming to Vietnam to participate in the Plus 3 program at UEF, Pitt students also expressed excitement and desire to explore many meaningful values.

"One of the main reasons I chose Vietnam as my destination is because of the historical journey this country has gone through. Besides learning about the history and culture of Vietnam, I am very excited to visit businesses and tourist destinations that the delegation will go to. I am also thrilled to meet and make friends with Vietnamese students, as well as feel excited about the experiences ahead and looking forward to the amazing things I will gain from this trip," said Sydney Rosenberg, a freshman at Pitt.

The exciting activities marked the beginning of the upcoming exchange 

Steffen Manjikian, a freshman student, also shared: “I am extremely excited to participate in the Plus 3 program in Vietnam. This program offers the best combination of professional expertise and personal development opportunities that I can have, so I signed up right away. Vietnam represents a culture and history very different from my country, providing me with the opportunity to broaden my perspective of the world. I hope to make new friendships and gain many wonderful experiences here.

It is hoped that Pitt and UEF students will have memorable experiences together 

After the welcoming ceremony, the Pitt student group will embark on an evening tour of various landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City such as the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Bach Dang Wharf, etc. They will also join a welcoming party, share meals, and engage in conversations about their first day in Vietnam.

During the upcoming journey, the Pitt students will attend classes on language, culture, history, and economics, as well as visits to businesses and a series of tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. The following days of the program will offer them many new and exciting experiences.



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