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President of Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland) visits and works at UEF

Within a month, Centria University of Applied Sciences (Finland) constantly meets and promotes international programs with UEF. This shows that the relationship between two universities has been increasingly enhanced.
In early December 2019, Vice President of Centria - Mrs. Hannele Teir made a business trip and had a discussion on developing joint training programs. On January 2, 2020, Prof. Kari Ristimaki - President of Centria paid a visit to directly discuss and agree on the key strategies of the cooperation program with UEF. 
The meeting to pomote The Articulation program 3 + 1 of UEF and Centria
During the business trip to Vietnam, besides visiting the campus 141, President of Centria University also had a meeting to promote the implementation of the Articulation program 3 + 1 which has already signed with UEF. In the discussion, representatives of UEF comprised Mr. Do Quoc Anh - Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, PhD. Do Huu Nguyen Loc - Vice President, Ms. Ly Dan Thanh – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics.
At the meeting, both sides discussed the cooperation programs in detail  such as: short-term internship semester, short-term international semester, student exchange, course transition, etc. In particular, two universities also agreed to promote the exchange of lecturers, enabling UEF teachers to have the opportunity to interact and work with prestigious education corporations in the world on teaching methods, developing lecture system to accumulate more teaching experience.
The Articulation program 3 + 1 with Centria University was signed in November 2018. Students who have finished their third academic year at UEF can finish their curriculum in Centria. Upon completing of their education and gradutaion, students will receive the Bachelor Degree from UEF and the International Bachelor Degree from Centria which are recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. As UEF students, you will also receive procedural support for the last year of study in Finland.
Prof. Kari Ristimaki learned about the cooperation program in detail
This great program that UEF has signed and created with Centria University of Applied Sciences is truly a boon for students dreaming of studying abroad. Finland is among the world’s most educationally advanced countries, which makes learning and gaining practical experiences in the country a great opportunity for student’s future development.

The visit of President of Centria University of Applied Sciences promoted the implementation of joint programs between the two universities
Students can contact UEF International Institute Office (on 4th floor) for more information about the programs, application process and relevant procedures.
News: Tuan Anh, photos: Quynh Nhu
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