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[Service Learning] Colorful training period of “Rotation” project comes to an end

Recently, the UEF students participating in the "Rotation" project have completed the skill training period. During the journey, they have received guidance from experienced community activists such as Mr. Nguyen Minh Nam - Drawing Elephant project, Ms. Nguyen Thu Hang - In charge of the content of the creative playground, a part of the To He Social Enterprise, and Mr. Tran Huynh Phu Khanh - Founder of Vietnam Academic Illustration.

The project was implemented with the aim of providing UEF students with a new approach to creative activities through the art of drawing. By getting familiar with creative drawing activities, they could realize greater values within the artworks, thus using the art of drawing to accompany the children in especially difficult circumstances, and also discover themselves.

The different-from-imagination training sessions

The project's training sessions always brought many interesting eye-openers to the students. They learned about various other uses of drawing and understanding that drawing is not only an artistic method for artists to express ideas but also as a therapeutic tool to help them find out more about themselves.

Introduction of the Rotation project
The project’s training activities were ceaselessly full of colors. From the instructions of the trainers, the students were able to be in touch with a variety of contemporary concepts of art and realizing that drawing is instinctive and can be done by everyone.

New perspectives and a lot of new combinations such as combining drawing with "mindfulness" has helped the students gradually become more aware of the effects of connection from drawing; The methods such as drawing with one line or drawing oneself in the mirror, etc. have helped the students perceive many values ​​such as "a doodle line sometimes recreates one’s own style and also shows a part of one’s heart" – shared Diem, a student. Above all, they were able to comprehend that sometimes the artwork is not as important as the happy feelings emitted during the process of drawing.


Students practicing how to draw with 2 hands
In addition, the technique of using drawing as an effective connection method was also carefully guided by the instructors. This is considered as one of the important skills that will tremendously help the students should there be a time for actual activities in the community.

 Students practicing the “Drawing without judgment” task

And practicing action planning

The most important lessons from the Rotation project did not stop at gaining more knowledge of drawing, but also applying this useful knowledge into practice, supporting children with special circumstances, and accompanying said children in the process of inner strength development.
The students made specific plans following the experts’ guidance. Many practical lessons have been cleverly coordinated and added in by the instructors. The hypothetical situations helped the students better develop their creativity and the ability to subtly handle situations when communicating with children.


Students making plans and presenting in front of the experts

Alongside the specialized skills, the lessons in the training session have helped the students increasingly develop empathy and awareness of the need to spreading drawing activities to the community. The students will have the chance to accompany the children and use art to limit cognitive stereotypes, thereby promoting the children's creativity. It can be seen that these are great motivations to help the students prepare well for the projects’ activities in the future.

Students participating in solving hypothetical situations to test improvisation skills

It is reported that, in the near future, the members of the Rotation project will organize many new experimental activities for UEF students before officially implementing the project for children in the community.

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