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Short-term study and visit opportunities in Boston, USA for UEFers


MARCH 22 - The Faculty of Public Relations and Communication met with representatives from Showa Boston Institute (US) with the desire to expand opportunities for "outbound" learning and absorb global knowledge for faculty and students

The representative from Showa Boston Institute was Ms. Sharon Hoa, Director of Finance and Business. On the UEF side, there are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha - Dean, Dr. Dang Anh Luc - Deputy Dean and Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Van - Deputy Dean, from the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication, Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung - Deputy Director, UEF International Institute, and faculty members.

Ms. Sharon Hoa introduced Showa Boston Institute


At the meeting, Ms. Sharon Hoa gave information about Showa Boston Institute and its  current programs.

The Institute provides students with short-term courses in global business, finance, economics, communication, management, public relations, hospitality and tourism, and English. In addition to academic activities, the Institute also organizes business field trips in related industries.

The Faculty of Public Relations and Communication offered various professional proposals


From the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha proposed various courses, workshops, and seminars on specialized fields for faculty members. These programs could be conducted either offline or online.

Ms. Sharon Hoa also provided additional information about the facilities and student support services at the Showa Boston Institute to help faculty members have a better understanding.

The Showa Boston Institute was established by Japan's Showa Women's University. It offers Japanese language programs tailored for students at Showa Women's University and English programs for students from other countries.

The meeting served as a foundation for both parties to continue exchanging information and enhancing opportunities for future collaboration


The information exchanged provides a basis for both parties to further consider and discuss opportunities for collaboration, moving towards the implementation of high-quality international programs for UEF’s students and faculty.

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