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[Speak to Succeed 2022]: 8 bestest teams enter Final round

JUNE 11 - “Talen Showcase”, the second round of the “Speak to Succeed 2022” was successfully conducted with a wide range of outstanding presentations on various common topics, such as school violence, loneliness, cohabitation, self-doubt, generational trauma, peer pressure, TikTok, what a public university is and what a private university is, to name a few.

This bilingual presentation contest, organized by UEF International Institute in conjunction with two official sponsors, TTS Education and Sun&Moon Academy, offers students an extraordinary chance to exude their presentation skills and foreign language competencies.

Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc emphasized the contest’s significance
The contest was accompanied by guests who were Mr. Victor An – CEO, TTS Education, Ms. Brada Cat Tuong – General Manager, TTS Education, Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan Huy – CEO, Sun&Moon Academy, Ms. Giang Ngoc - MC & Teacher, Sun&Moon Academy, and UEF representatives, including Dr. Do Huu Nguyen Loc – Vice President & Director, Ms. Huynh Tu Anh – Deputy Director from UEF International Institute, and Dr. Phan Bao Giang – Vice Dean, Faculty of Public Relations and Communication.

Guests, faculty members and contestant
This round required 36 participating teams (both singles and trios) to deliver their presentations, comprising the topic introduction and its rationale, in either English or Vietnamese, and respond to the panel of judges’ questions afterward. Presentation skills, content, and slides were the 3 scoring criteria.

The panel of judges involved Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan Huy – CEO, Sun&Moon Academy, Mr. Nguyen Huynh Sinh – Vice Director, Department of Student Services, & Secretary, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of UEF, and Mr. Daniel Naville – UEF faculty member.

 The judging panel of the Talent Showcase round

Contestants gave their presentations confidently
The contestants presented a multitude of hot social issues in the public interest, consisting of school violence, self-doubt, and public university versus private university, among others. There were 8 finest teams with marvellous performances, selected through the judges’ thorough discussion and overall assessment, advancing to the Final round - Self-affirmation, including WeUnique, The Warriors, The Mindset, Daisy, BeU, The Trio, Shining, and Vo Hy Hai Anh. 

The winner of the Final round taking place on June 30 will get these below prizes: 
  • A cash prize of 5,000,000VND for the whole team and a 70% scholarship (equivalent to 42,000,000VND) for each team member from the sponsor TTS Education; 
  • A scholarship worth 5,000,000VND for the whole team and a 20% discount on individual courses for each team member from the sponsor Sun&Moon Academy.

In addition, alongside UEF’s meaningful gifts, 8 finalist teams will obtain a 60% scholarship (equivalent to 36,000,000VND/person) and a 20% discount on individual courses from two sponsors, TTS Education and Sun&Moon Academy, respectively.
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