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Surprising And Overemotional Win At S-Debate 2020 Final

After nearly 2 months, student debate competition - S-Debate 2020 has evoked emotional sublimation, intense and fierce debates among teams/ contestants from the early days to the moment of announcing the winning teams.
Dr. Nhan Cam Tri - Vice Principal of the University sending greetings to the contest teams on the threshold of final contest

Contest teams not only presented persuasive opinions, but also demonstrated profound thinking in every heated discussion with the judges and audience, which resulted in the effervescent “confrontation” in S - Debate 2020 Final of this morning (6/6)

Experienced judges accompanying participants

Judges are famous and prestigious figures in the field of journalism, publishing and academy, including Poet Phong Viet, Miss Vietnam Tourism 2008 Ngoc Diem, CEO Saigonbook Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh, Journalist Trong Phuoc - Secretary of Thanh Nien Newspapers, Mr. Joe Oxley - representative of British Council as well as professional teachers of University.

The intense debate in English between the 2 teams

Judge Ngoc Diem commenting on the contestants

Having passed 2 rounds of preliminary and semi-final, the best 6 teams entered the final, including 2 English teams: Fenomenal Four and Meraki; 4 Vietnamese teams: Flames, The Time, Ban Linh, and King Crown. In the final round, the teams competed in the form of opposition, expressing opinions in two views: Approved and Disapproved of given topics by the Organizing Committee. Each team has 10 minutes to present, divided into 2 minutes and 3 minutes to argue with other teams.

All teams having good performances in their competion

In the English table, 2 teams of Fenomenal Four and Meraki had a confrontation with the theme “Student startup, should or should not? Sinh vien start-up, nen hay khong?”. According to the judges’ evaluation, the teams involved good performance, fluent English speech, which convinced the judges with cogent arguments, creativity and problem-solving skill.

“This year, I am very surprised that an interesting topic of the English table in the contest is should students start a startup. Accordingly, I have seen the English skill as well as the ability to present and express the viewpoints in other language rather than the mother tongue of students very well” The judge - Miss Ngoc Diem said.

In the Vietnamese table, 2 teams of Flames and The Time had a “undefeated” debate with the theme: “Should we get married before 30 years old?”; Furthermore, the Ban Linh team and King Crown team had a thrilling performance with the theme: “Talent or Diligence: which do you think is more important?”. After the knockout round, 2 teams of The Time and Ban Linh continuously entered the decisive round to compete for the championship.

In the theme “Is social network helpful or helpless?”, 2 teams of The Time and Ban Linh reaffirmed their presenting competence when delivering unanswerable evidence and arguments, which have occupied all feeling and support of the audience as well as “good scores” of the judge members.

Due to confident presenting style, fine words, coherent thinking and powerful internal force, the Fenomenal Team obtained the championship of English board and The Time did in the Vietnamese board.

The teams of the runner-up are Meraki (English table), Ban Linh team (English table). Other teams of the 3rd prize are Flames and King Crown.


The awards of the competition given to the deserved owners

S-Debate 2020 contest is a prominent activity, which leaves the special impression in the UEF student community for many years. Through every competition, UEF participants practise their confidence, arrangement skill, problem presenting and teamwork skill, ...At the same time, this contest assists to shape students in the positive manner to face social issues, strengthen skills of investigating the theme, build up viewpoints, demonstrate and defend personal opinions.

Let's review some pictures at S-Debate Finals 2020:


Original News: Kim Bang
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