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The first 3 UEFers of 2024 to start their international internship in Japan


JANUARY 9, UEF bid farewell to 3 students majoring in Japanese Language attending paid international internships. They were also the first students of UEF to attend this overseas program in 2024.

Nguyen Luu Quoc Huy, Phan Van Truong, and Phan Thi My Chi are all students in the 2020 academic year of the Japan Language major at UEF, whose international internship at Kikuta Co., Ltd. Before officially entering the internship semester, they had passed the interview round of UEF and partners with their outstanding Japanese language skills. This abroad internship is a valuable chance for UEFers to improve their own abilities, and immerse themselves in Japanese workspace and business culture.

Attending the farewell to encourage 3 students were Mr. Huynh Quoc Phong - Director, Center of Corporate Partnerships, Mr. Cao Do Quyen - Program Assistant in Japanese Language, and the students’ families.

Lecturers and families at the airport to bid farewell to the 3 students

The success of sending many students to Japan for their paid internships has affirmed the effectiveness of the international internship program UEF has operated during this year. In 2023, 87 UEFers will get the opportunity to study and work in many businesses in the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Among them, 9 students completed their abroad internship program with excellence to enrich their practical knowledge for future career development.

In 2024, UEF will continue to promote internationalization programs, especially abroad internship programs. Not only Japan but other countries will also become study and work destinations for students. 

Lecturers gave recommendations to students before the flight

According to Mr. Cao Do Quyen, in the first 4 months of 2024, the Faculty plans to have about 40 students go to Japan for internships. “I warmly wish the students in the Japanese Language major at UEF will be confident, brave, and harvest valuable lessons during their internship in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. This opportunity will become valuable preparation on the path of conquering future dreams'' - He gave a meaningful message to  UEFers.

The maturity in knowledge, skills, and life attitude of UEFers after the abroad internship are practical values to them. Besides developing quality programs at the school, study abroad trips are proving the internationalization in learning environment at UEF. Each student must always strive for improvement to grasp these valuable opportunities.







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