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The joyful UEF family’s reunion in early spring of the Golden Rat Year 2020

After a long holiday of celebrating the momentous occasion with family, on February 4 (i.e. the 10th of the Lunar New Year), University of Economics and Finance, Ho Chi Minh City (UEF) held a meeting for all officers, lecturers, and staff at the beginning of the year of the Golden Rat 2020 in the joyful and warm atmosphere of the first days of spring.
The participants were representatives from the Board of Trustees, the Office of the President, as well as numerous officials, lecturers, and staff.

Cheerful performances brought Lunar New year vibe to everywhere

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang – UEF President, sent his wishes to all of the officers, lecturers, and staff of the university, wished UEF success and expressed his trust in the sustainable development of the university the year of the Rat 2020.
Reviewing some of the remarkable achievements in the last year, he acknowledged and appreciated the results achieved by the university, and emphasized that this was a joint achievement, a result of solidarity, unions of all officers, lecturers, and staff. Thereon, he hoped that all officials, lecturers, and staff would keep promoting the New Year’s spirit of working to create good values together ​​for the UEF family as well as the community, and society.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giang – UEF President sent his best wishes to the big family UEF

Mr. Do Quoc Anh - Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees continued to share interesting meanings of the Golden Rat year 2020
Mr. Doan Thanh Phong - Deputy Director of Information and Communication Center and Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Linh – Vice Dean of Faculty of Linguistics and International Cultures responded to the sentiment of the university leaders with New Years greetings

In the jubilant and cozy atmosphere of the new year, the Board of the University and all officers, lecturers, and staff joined in some activities such as picking buds, singing, and sending New Year’s greetings to each other. The intimate meeting set a joyful tone full of faith and hope for the whole school to enter the year of the Rat 2020 with new successes.

The units of the university rejoiced in picking buds for luck and said New Year’s greetings

Besides the joy of reunion at the beginning of the year, representatives of the university leaders also made practical suggestions for officers, lecturers, and staff to prepare necessary tasks relating to prevention and sanitation of facilities for teaching and learning, review the work and teaching plans, timely inform teachers and students about all developments of nCoV and encourage each individual to protect their own health from the emerging, rapidly evolving situation of nCoV. All tasks need to be ensured the best for teaching and learning taking place on February 10 as planned.
News: Kim Bang, Photos: Media Team
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