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The return of Plus 3: A dynamic exchange journey awaits UEF and Pitt students (USA)


After a 4-year hiatus, the traditional international academic exchange program between Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF) and the University of Pittsburgh (USA), known as Plus 3 the 12th, will officially resume on May 6.  

Notably, UEF takes pride in being one of seven universities worldwide chosen by the University of Pittsburgh to collaborate on this distinctive study abroad program.

The program provided opportunities for cultural exchange and knowledge expansion for both UEF and Pittsburgh students 

Through Plus 3 2024, an academic, language, cultural, and historical exchange program implemented by the University of Pittsburgh at UEF, students will have the opportunity to practice communication skills in real-life situations, experience many interesting activities, and enhance their integration competence. Besides, UEF students also engaged in being tour guides to accompany and share the beauty of Vietnam with friends from the United States.

Enhance language exchange and understanding of Vietnamese culture

At UEF, Pittsburgh students will explore Vietnamese culture and people through subjects such as Planning and developing rural areas in the Mekong Delta region; Vietnamese language; Vietnamese history and culture; The role of green transformation and sustainable economy in Vietnam; etc. 

Plus 3: Vietnam - Summer 2024 program also provides an opportunity for UEFers to interact and exchange directly with international students. UEFers not only exchange knowledge and learn about American academic programs but also improve their communication skills and hone their practical foreign language abilities. 

Pittsburgh students explored Vietnamese culture and people through UEF classes

Explore businesses and special attractions

To help Pitt students access various sectors, including urban development, business management, and technology, in addition to Vietnamese language and culture classes, Plus 3 program also organized many field trips in partner businesses for students from both universities. Specific destinations include TTT Corporation, VCF, GreenViet, Saigon Hi-tech Park, Tan Cang - Cat Lai, etc. This initiative is also part of the practice-related training model that has been implemented at UEF for many years. 

Students in both universities engaged in many company tours and field trips

In addition, students also visited historical and cultural relics such as Cu Chi Tunnels, Tao Phung mountain, Jade Emperor Pagoda - Statue of Thich Quang Duc, War Remnants Museum, Independence Palace, Ben Thanh market, etc.

 International students started the journey to explore many well-known destinations in Vietnam

Many other dynamic and exciting cultural exchange activities, sports competitions, and folk games await students from UEF and Pittsburgh.

Students in both universities participated in dynamic sports activities

It can be said that Plus 3 will provide a conducive environment for UEFers to participate in and experience interesting extracurricular activities, directly exchange, develop skills, share learning methods, and foster connections between Vietnamese students and American friends.

This 12th study abroad program not only reaffirms the sustainable cooperation between UEF and Pittsburgh, and highlights the essence of the university “internationalization”, but it is also regarded as one of the distinctive educational models, equipping UEF students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become global citizens. 


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