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Third Open Men And Women Physique Championship 2020: UEF Students Winning Double Prizes


After over 2 months of nationwide launching, the Men & Women Physique Championship Final 2020 took place at Ho Chi Minh city University of Economics and Finance (UEF) on the June 27th evening with the participation of about 100 athletes from all over the country.

From UEF, Nguyen Phu Minh Dac, 3rd-year student of International Business and Lieu Hoang Khang, 3rd-year student of Finance - Banking excellently headed into the final round. In particular, these two students also brought UEF honourable prizes in this-year tournament.

Contestant Nguyen Phu Minh archives the double prizes

The UEF’s second representative Lieu Hoang Khang with the great performance

Nguyen Phu Minh Dac excelled in winning the double prizes: Gold medal for Young Men to 21 years old and the Bronze medal for Men Table A with the height of 165 cm. The second representative of UEF, Lieu Hoang Khang also achieved the Bronze medal for Men to 21 years old. Moreover, UEF obtained the 3rd-prize of the whole delegation in this tournament.

Congratulations on the successful tournament and honourable prizes of UEF’s contestants.

It is known that the 3rd HCMC Open Men & Women Physique Championship 2020 is co-runned by HCMC Weightlifting and Fitness Federation and UEF. This competition aims not only to diversify recreational activities and competition categories, and to enhance youngsters’ physical strength and health; but also to serve the selection of athletes for the international tournaments in the future. On the other hand, the Men & Women Physique Championship provides Fitness Clubs’ managers and coaches with numerous opportunities to interact, exchange and gain more experience in the training and organizing work of their clubs.
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